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Verragio Bridal Jewelry

Verragio Bridal Jewelry

Verragio has been making a strong name for itself in the world of luxury bridal jewelry, creating some notable masterpieces with its engagement and wedding rings. The products offer both unique craftsmanship as well as quality make and materials, quickly putting the ringmaker well into the higher echelon of desired jewelrymakers. Yet the focus of the business is very old-fashioned and interestingly familiar.

Verragio is the brainchild of Barry Verragio, who has taken themes from all around the world in how he designs the new pieces for his company’s jewelry collection. There is no question that classic European style and principles are involved in many of the curvatures and flower designs chosen, reminiscing back to a time of French symbolism and more. Italian influences are also well represented. However, the Verragio line never lets the body of the ring detract from its center attention-piece, the diamond.

Every ring design put out by Verragio draws the eye’s focus back to the center stone and surrounding stones. This centerpiece philosophy then has the body of the ring accessorize the stones included versus compete with them. The rings are also designed to be extremely feminine in nature. This involves a purposeful avoidance of angular or sharp edges. Instead, the structure of the rings are very much about curvature and different dimensions within each layer, far more representative of the female mindset versus a male’s idea of beauty.

Finally, Verragio rings are about celebrating and showing one of the best moments of life, a wedding. So the design of the rings are intentionally crafted with a blooming flower look, instilling a message of heartfelt commitment to a new life. The idea carries then that every time the ring is worn and looked at, it will bring forward those wedding memories.

Specifically, there are six rings model lines to choose from currently in the Verragio portfolio. These include:

The Verragio Paradiso Collection – These rings are built with a scrolling design on the inside versus the standard smooth interior. The approach is unique and patented, and it holds onto a woman’s finger far better as a result.

Verragio Paradiso princess cut
The Verragio Insignia Collection – For those who want it to be known they are wearing a Verragio engagement ring, the Insignia ring is the choice to have. Along with the internal detain protected by the outer band and top stone, the ring also carried the Verragio symbol in the sides of the main stone inlay.

Verragio Insignia Round Halo Engagement ring

The Verragio Couture Collection – A very modern approach to bridal jewelry, this ring model incorporates significant color against a white gold or platinum body.

Verragio Couture Oval Halo

The Verragio Venetian Collection – This ring type brings into play a number of old world traditional influences that are clearly from European styles and modes. And again, all of the style is built to focus on the centerpiece stone.

Verragio Venetian Collection Halo

The Verragio Parisian Collection – A new addition to the Verragio line, the Parisian ring collection is a blending of different gold colors as well as accenting plays.

Verragio Parisian Engagement Ring

There is no shortage of great ideas offered by Verragio for bridal jewelry, and each piece is intended to make the wedding day one of the best in a person’s life. So the jewelrymaker should definitely be considered when looking at engagement and wedding rings for the big day.


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