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Clooney-Alamuddin Engagement Ring tops $750,000 and 7 carats

Clooney-Alamuddin Engagement Ring tops $750,000 and 7 carats

On September 27, 2014, George Clooney wed Amal Alamuddin in a ceremony and blatantly auspicious celebrations that put the Prince William-Kate Middleton nuptials down. That was due to the high visibility of both members of the wedding, Clooney being an international celebrity and Oscar winner with net worth of over 180 million dollars, and his bride’s lineage being affluent and her international earnings and status both are so significant that the best estimators declare her net worth is unknown.

The Ring

George Clooney, confirmed bachelor, proposed to Amal before her family on her uncle’s yacht. The ring that was subject of speculation and unseemly drool was displayed to the press at that time. It is a 7 carat diamond solitaire set in platinum worth approximately 550,000 Euros or $750,000 dollars. While no expert apppraisal has been released, many international jewel experts have announced that they had examined “similar” rings and therefore can place the approximate value for the engagement token at upwards of $750,000. It is reputed to have unfathomable clarity and color, fit for the beautiful and intelligent woman of the world who captured America’s Prince Charming.

The Wedding Bands

As the new Mr. and Mrs. Clooney made their first appearance as husband and wife on Sunday there was a chance for celebrity fans to get the first glimpse of the special rings which sealed their love. For these rings, unfortunately, there have been no estimates from international jewel experts as to value, but that shall certainly be fodder for the press in short order. Shining brightly on the new Mrs. Clooney’s finger was her brand new wedding band, which appeared to be made of platinum. The groom also flashed his matching ring as he waved to crowds from Venice’s Grand Canal. Thus, there was a new beginning, with a new Prince and Princess to fight the good fights together and complement each partner’s activism for human rights the world over.

George Clooney, Kentucky Boy

George Timothy Clooney was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky, to Nina Bruce née Warren, a former beauty pageant queen, and his father, Nick Clooney a former anchorman and game show host who was also the brother of singing legend Rosemary Clooney. Clooney spent most of this youth in Ohio and Kentucky. Rosemary Clooney gave her nephew the benefit of Hollywood fostering as he zoomed the streeets with cousin Miguel Ferrer in the cousin’s convertible. After his cousin got him a small part in a feature film, Clooney began to pursue acting. The rest is cinematic history. In recent years he has been active in politics and human rights organizations.

Amal Alamuddin, Lebanese That Girl

Alamuddin was born in Beirut, Lebanon on Februaruy 3, 1986.to father Ramzi Alamuddin, retired professor at the American University of Beirut from a prominent Lebanese Druiz familly, and mother Bariaa Alamuddin, foreign editor of the Pan-Arab newspaper al-hyat and a Sunni Muslim from Lebanon. Amal Alamuddin is a highly credentialed attorney important to human rights movements in war torn areas of the Middle East.


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