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Timepieces for the Workplace

Timepieces for the Workplace

The officeplace is frequently an environment of self-marketing and politics, where everything a person does as well as what he is counts in different ways. Appearance is no exception, and for the business leader, the wrist timepiece says as much about him or her as spoken work and directions. This is where having the right timepiece can make an unsaid announcement to a group long before the presentation begins.

The Audemars Piguet collection is always a good place to start because of the high quality of their luxury watches. The Royal Oak line is a well-established standard, and it serves well within the confines of executive appearance. Both the extra-thin and self-winding models maintain the air of leadership as well as modernity with their analogy time display and cool metallic body design. The Royal Oak Extra-thin blue body (model 15202) is a nice choice that will catch the eyes of people as well as function very lightweight when on the go. Alternatively the Royal Oak Self-Winding comes in both gold color and silver stainless steel options with varying backgrounds and analog display (model 15400).

Rado is also an interesting choice for a business leader on the move. For women, the Rado Diamaster in all white or in black on stainless steel are power choices that also evoke a presence in the room before any discussion begins. Both versions are designed in analog display, and the white version has a beautiful inside circle of diamonds inside the watch display. The black version has the same diamond inset in the middle with a black body background and smoked steel body, making it a great choice for the business evening meeting.

A classic old-style look often involves a natural leather wristband versus the more common metal wristband. The Frederique Constant Classics Automatic is a very interesting and pleasing choice, built with a warm, gold body color and a natural leather wristband in dark brown. Both casual and professional at once, it sends out a message of a business leader who is approachable versus being cold and mechanical. With an analog display in Roman numerals, the watch really does bring up an older time style missing in the modern office.

Along the same natural look likes of the Frederique Constant, one might always want to take a look at the Raymond Weil Maestro Stainless Steel 39mm Automatic. This too offers a buyer a watch with an older, natural look, but the body is built with a silver stainless steel color against a black leather wristband. The inlay of Roman numerals against a white field provides the analog display, and the watch as a whole messages out “accomplished.”

Many metallic watches get a bit overdone with the gadgets and gizmos packaged onto the display. Fortunately, the Tag Heuer Carrera Stainless Steel in stainless steel subscribes to a more straightforward approach to watch design. It gives a buyer a professional appearance that looks good at the desk as well as when driving the Mercedes to the next business meeting and talking on the go. The Tag Carrera is guaranteed to get tongues wagging and compliments made as people can’t help but notice this watch in motion.

Again, what one wears says as much as what he or she says, so make the office politics work for you with appearance ahead of time.


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