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More Smart Watches Poised to Enter Luxury Watch Market

More Smart Watches Poised to Enter Luxury Watch Market

Luxury watches have long been associated with traditional designs and analog displays of time. While some have incorporated digital features, few really make the computer look stand out and become desirable. However, a number of watches are now coming onto the market with not just the digital perspective in mind but also the ability to connect with the Internet and social media. These examples are, no surprise, often driven by the tech industry giants who have a stake in seeing Internet use expand and broaden with new tools. Here are some of the latest offerings.

The HD3 Slyde – This watch oozes uber-cool even though the display looks like a revamped suitcase locking combination dial set of digital time numbers. The wristband is tailored with a glossy dark metal design, and the watch face is entirely smooth and integrated with the whole piece. When work, it re-established the need for a classy high-tech wrist piece even though one can easily see the time on their smartphone or computer. Ironically, the wristband still incorporates old-style leather straps or similar. So the watch becomes a high-tech hybrid of the past and future with a fully-working computer inside the display. Retail value ranges near $6,000 to $11,000, depending on the model chosen. Clearly this watch is the current leader of the pack.

I’m Watch – The I’m Watch timepiece is what most will expect an Internet watch to look like. With a beefy wrist band and a squarish screen, it’s a bit like a computer on one’s hand versus a watch anymore. It has the modern look where all the physical parts seem to meld together, and the screen look a whole lot like a Windows app display. Retailing at over $400, this wrist piece is as much as fashion setter as a geek drool-toy.

The Neptune Pine Watch – If interested in a gadget that looks like it came out of a Dick Tracy movie, then the Neptune Pine Watch may be the answer. The watch is designed with a rectangle screen that has a touch-sensitive web browser capability. Further, the central unit disconnects from the wristband, making it easy to input with two hands (as well as easy to lose). Retailing near $350, this one starts to creep up the price band but is still fairly affordable for most users willing to pay the same for a cell phone.

The Samsung Neo – Samsung provides the NEO watch which looks an awful lot like a miniature Samsung smartphone with a wristband attached to it. Running a small version of Android on it, the timepiece is entirely Internet capable. While it is not priced in the thousands of dollars range, it’s not cheap either. Retailing over $200, it’s likely to build the foundation for a smartwatch Internet tool on the wrist. Phone and data access works through a Bluetooth connection to a personal Samsung smartphone, allowing the user to see information and use the phone without taking it out of a pocket.


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