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The Right Watch for Your Profession (Or Hobby)

For reasons as complex as the wearers’ personalities, pairing a watch with a career, profession or vocation has very interesting results:

Actor’s Watch- Tudor Fastrider

Features: Bold and daring. The actor’s watch has red details, the brand with Ducati and matte finish for confidence and sophistication. Also, the watch is less pushy and more swagger, so appearing at castings with this watch will send all the right messages to the decision makers. MSRP $2500.00

The Nurse’s Watch: Casio G-Shock

Specs: 40 mm, analog, digital

Features: This watch is virtually unbreakable even by nurses, whether in surgery or worn while rushing around the hospital. It’s going to keep up and not break down. It has a five-second auto start, a 24-hour countdown and 1/100-second stopwatch for all time-sensitive matters. MSRP $175.00

Casio Men’s Thermometer Watch – Athletic and Sports

The Casio Men’s Thermometer Sport Watch does not stop at helping read time and temperature! It is designed to aid you when performing sports or on an adventure. This watch is water resistant to 100m submersion, ideal for swimmers and divers. The case is stainless steel guaranteeing durability. The Casio Men’s Thermometer Sport Watch features digital global time in Arabic numerals on a blue LCD dial. A backlight helps read time in low-light and nighttime. This sport watch includes a calender, countdown timer and an alarm. It displays the temperature and also a tide graph for low and high tides in your area as well as your moon phase data. MSRP Under $100.00

The Real Estate Broker’s Watch : 88 Rue du Rhône Specs: 35mm, stainless steel, quartz chrono

Features: A strap of calf leather with six diamonds and rose gold numerals combine to look expensive and just luxurious enough. This is for real estate business, where most importantly, it doesn’t look too flush or flashy rich which could drive clients away. MSRP $455.00

Professional and Collectible Divers Watches

Jacques Cousteau made history as an oceanographic explorer and, among other things, inspired a Bill Murray character. Followers believe Cousteau never wore anything but a Rolex Submariner. In fact, his favored watch was a Doxa SUB diving watch, the Swiss brand founded in 1889, 16 years before Rolex! Now grandson, Fabien Cousteau, is keeping the tradition. Fabien completed Mission 31, an epic 31-day underwater mission that set a new submersion record for oceanic exploration, with a Doxa diving watch on his wrist. Cousteau and his team spent 31 days underwater filming and collecting scientific data, breaking the 1963 world record for longest time under water for a film crew set by Jacques Cousteau.

Doxa has issued the 44mm titanium white diving watch in a 331-piece limited edition created to honor Cousteau’s feat. Each has a COA personally signed by Cousteau, with 25% of proceeds supporting Mission 31. Watch numbers 1 through 31 were actually worn by Cousteau’s team of aquanauts and are selling very rapidly. The remainder of the series is available from Doxa directly at $2,890 per timepiece.

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