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20 Good Reasons Why Smartphones Will Never Replace Watches

20 Good Reasons Why Smartphones Will Never Replace Watches

Sure, your smartphone can help you keep track of the time, but that’s where the similarity between a mobile device and a watch ends. For trendy, functional time-keeping that reflects both your personality and your sense of style, a watch is a necessity. It will never be truly replaced by the mobile phone for many reasons:

  1. From 15th-Century Europe to today, high-quality timepieces have been helping people keep track of daily activities, responsibilities and more. Your watch will get you there on time. Your cell phone just rings alarmingly when you’re late.
  2. Today’s chronometers offer up such amenities as open movement, chronograph features, pave diamonds, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, and black-diamond dials. Try saying all of that with your handheld mobile device.
  3. Your watch is more than just a way to tell time, it’s an extension of your personality — a thing of beauty and sophistication that screams to the world that you’re a passionate and vibrant being. Your cell phone just screams that you like to play games and that you’re addicted to texting.
  4. Your watch will never forward you a break-up email.
  5. Your watch can feature a genuine leather band, precious gems, and gold, silver or platinum accents. Your phone just features your favorite Super Mario character super-imposed on black plastic.
  6. Watches date back in time 6000 years to those masterful watchmakers of old who meticulously hand-created timepieces from the most beautiful materials of the era. Cell phones are crafted of plastic and date back to 1973.
  7. There’s an unlimited selection of gorgeous, functional and affordable watches on the market today and none of them are dominated by Apple or Microsoft.
  8. People very rarely ever drop their watch into a public toilet.
  9. Your watch won’t get you arrested for piracy inside a movie theater.
  10. It won’t require you to hold lengthy conversations with your thoughtless friend across town while the movie is playing either.
  11. Your watch is always right there on your wrist when you need it — no digging in voluminous purses or rummaging around in pockets when you need to know the time.
  12. You rarely have to look for a place to plug in your watch.
  13. Your girlfriend won’t stop talking to you because you forgot to check your watch.
  14. Your watch won’t ding 400 times in the night every time your drunk friend fires off an email.
  15. You can make a bold fashion statement with your choice of watch. Meanwhile, your phone just hides there in your pocket like a hermit.
  16. You never need a hip holster for your watch.
  17. Your watch won’t skid across the dashboard and disappear into the abyss beneath the passenger seat when you make the turn into McDonalds.
  18. If you lose your watch, no one can use it to steal your identity.
  19. Your watch never requires the use of a Bluetooth headset.
  20. You can’t be fined for glancing at your watch while driving.

So, if you’re still not convinced of the longevity and bright, bold future of watches, go ahead and get a mobile phone instead.

But don’t call us when you need to know what time it is in Berlin.


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