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The Best Diamond Ring – A Buying Guide

The Best Diamond Ring – A Buying Guide

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Regardless of why you are buying a ring, diamond rings are the ultimate ones to give. It is a unique gem that you want to save for special occasions. Whether you’re planning to buy one for an engagement, wedding, or for another celebration, diamonds are the way to go.

As you already know, diamonds are very valuable. Therefore, when someone sees a diamond ring, they are usually on the verge of fainting. While diamond rings have their own standards, shopping for one itself is an art.

There is a lot that goes into buying the best diamond ring. You first have to be sure if you are investing in something worth your money. Diamond rings are not cheap and can cost a lot more than you expect. Secondly, you have to consider a lot of details and features when buying one. To help you buy the best diamond ring, here is a quick shopping guide. So sit back, read through, and enjoy the journey of royalty and sparkle.

A Diamond Ring

Why Choose Only the Best Diamond Ring?

The first thing to come to a jewelry lover’s mind when they hear the word diamond is elegance and royalty. To buy the best diamond ring, you have to know why you should be getting one in the first place. Of course, it should be reasons other than for its unique appearance and worth attached to it. Below are a few reasons why you should give more importance to buying a diamond ring than others.

More Long-Lasting and Enduring

To know you’re making a good investment in a diamond ring, check its quality and long-lasting attributes. One thing to remember when buying a diamond ring is that you don’t have to worry about making a wrong investment.

There is a very small probability that it will break or lose its remarkable appearance and sparkle. Furthermore, diamonds are very flexible, so they also carry a lot of financial and emotional value. You can use it as a proper physical asset that could help you achieve a lot more in the future.

Provide Excellent Investment Opportunities

It’s easier to use diamonds as an investment opportunity compared to other gems. Diamonds are thinner and far more collectible compared to golf. These attributes make diamonds an easier form of bank transfer. And no matter if you buy a diamond as a ring, necklace, or bracelet, they will remain viable investments. Therefore, they allow you to still open a new door of investment that may leave you with a certain future.

Things to Consider to Buy the Best Diamond Ring

To get any confusion out of the way, here are five things to consider before buying a diamond ring. These five considerations will allow you to make a better and smarter purchase.

§  Your Financial Position/Budget

There is no secret that diamonds put a big load on your credit card. And if you’re a first-time buyer, you might find it pricier than you initially expected. Hence, you must evaluate your financial stance and keep a reasonable budget. Be sure to set a budget that will not put you in a comparable position. If you do make the expense, you may have to choose between the diamond ring and other important expenses.

A bargain-priced diamond isn’t something you should opt for. However, you could go for different diamond ring deals with low fair prices. You have to give more importance to the carats than the price when buying the best diamond ring.

§  Get Familiar with the Official Diamond Grading System- The 4 C’s

The 4 C’s comprise the diamond grading report that comes from a reputable laboratory. This report includes details to help you assess the quality of the stone. The 4 C’s comprise of cut, clarity, color, and carat (read further below to learn more about the 4 C’s).  One of the most important C’s to consider before buying a diamond is the cut and its quality. The cut fades out any imperfections in the gemstone, making the diamond stand out better from the rest. The cut size also makes the diamond ring appear bigger and more prominent than its weight.

§  Always Consider Your Alternatives

Since there are so many diamond ring options out there, you must always consider unique alternatives to diamond rings. Keeping in mind your taste and budget, you could opt for other gemstones that work well with weddings or engagements. These gemstones include sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, and other colored gemstones. Lab-Mined diamonds cost around 30% less than mined-cut ones, and they are as beautiful as the mined ones. You can also consider cubic Zirconia, glass, white topaz, quartz, and many more.


Royal Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

§  The Diamond Shape

There are different diamond shapes out there, with the most common one being the round diamond. However, you will come across many non-round shapes as well. The non-circular ones appear much larger compared to round ones, even though they are of the same carat weight. The diagonal length of round diamonds makes this gemstone appear bigger. You also have the choice of square princess cut diamonds, pear, and oval-shaped ones as well.

Make sure to identify all of the shapes so you have a good visual idea of what they all look like. Now it’s your choice to decide whether you want your diamond ring stone to look bigger or smaller. Check out this diamond shape guide for better guidance.  Below are the different types of diamond shapes:

  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Round
  • Cushion – vintage style
  • Princess-Cut
  • Asscher – Squared Emerald

§  The Carat Weight

A diamond’s carat weight is what makes it more valuable and plays a big role in the pricing system. The price of diamonds usually depends on the carat sizes. There are different carat sizes from 0.50 carats and 1.50 carats to 5.00 carats.  For instance, if you plan to go for a 0.50-carat diamond, it will cost you $3600 per carat. Therefore, that particular gemstone costs around $1,800. Diamond prices keep fluctuating and can suddenly go up as the carat weight increases.

This isn’t the case for face-upsize diamonds as the price of this doesn’t increase the same way as the others. The face-up area of a half-carat diamond has more value than a one-carat diamond and costs more. So it is important to know that the carat weight of a diamond has more influence on the price than the appearance does.

§  The Style of the Ring

To live up to the enchanting look of a diamond, you have to choose the correct ring style. The ring must perfectly suit your style and fit you correctly. There are different ring options, including white, rose, and yellow. You can go for a simple plain ring or go a step fancier and chose a diamond-paved ring. So are you the solitaire ring type or someone who wants the most sparkle? These are essential factors to consider when buying the best diamond ring.

§  The Color and Clarity

The color and clarity are part of the four C’s diamond grading system. Choosing the right color means the diamond may appear colorless or it won’t at all. Clarity, on the other hand, means the diamond will appear flawless as ever with no faulty detections.

§  Consider This Research

As you’re going through this article, it is important to keep everything in mind and understand them properly. Be sure that you’re choosing the right diamond ring. Or else, you will end up paying extra for a low-quality diamond. To choose the right ring, you need to be able to tell the difference between a high-quality diamond from a poor one. This way, you will become a natural diamond expert and choose the best diamond ring!

The Fours C’s

The Four C diamond grading system is a good way for you to achieve the best type of diamond ring. However, the diamond meeting every scale does not mean that you will achieve the most affordable or beautiful one. This is more for making you understand how to buy the best diamond ring and make your diamond search much easier.

1.      Cut

The diamond-cut emphasizes the quality of your diamond ring and how well the stone appears in the ring. It also plays an important role in detecting the diamond’s ability and function to make light glow in your eye. Diamond cuts are graded as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. It’s best to stick between the excellent to very good range. These stones have a good cut that reflects better with light and gives an eye-catching look.

2.      Clarity

Clarity means the number of natural imperfections present in the diamond. This C has a rating of Flawless (FL) to Included (I). There is not much difference between a VVSI (Very Very Slightly Included) clarity stone and an SI (Slightly Included), even if it’s of the same cut, color, and carat.

3.      Color

The diamond color scale includes the E to Z scale, with E meaning a completely colorless look. This clear and colorless look makes it the most expensive category. Z, on the other hand, means have a very light yellow hue. The standard diamond quality lies between the E to J color grade scale. Shape plays an important role in choosing the diamond color. For example, if you go for a round-shaped diamond, then the color is a lot less visible. The color of the diamond is more of a personal preference and doesn’t affect the quality in any way.

4.      Carat

The last C is Carat, which is the measurements of the diamond’s weight. One carat converts to around 0.2 grams, so the bigger the carat, the pricier the diamond. The average diamond in a ring, specifically an engagement one, is 200 milligrams. The carat does determine the worth of your diamond ring, and though it may not look like a big carat ring, it will definitely make you feel good.

How to Get the Best Diamond Ring under a Budget

There is no doubt that you will be spending a lot if you plan to buy a diamond ring. However, you can find ways to save by not compromising on the diamond’s quality. Every diamond is different. Hence below are a few useful tips when buying a good diamond ring:

  • Go for a brilliant-cut stone with lower-clarity
  • Opt for a 0.9 stone rather than one carat to save 20 percent
  • Go for white Gold instead of Platinum
  • Compromise on clarity and color if you want a larger stone

The Best Diamond Rings

Below are a few top high-quality diamond rings at Raymond Lee that you might fall in love with:

§  Tiffany & Co. Round Brilliant Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring $19,995

Tiffany & Co. Round Brilliant Diamond

§ Diamond Engagement Ring $8,495.

Platinum 1.00ct Round Brilliant

§  18 carat White Gold Pear-Shapes Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring $58,995

18 carat White Gold Pear-Shapes Yellow

An eye-catching 18k White Gold pear-shaped light yellow halo diamond engagement ring

Final Words

You can now hopefully make your way to a renowned jewelry store to buy the best diamond ring for whatever purpose. As you can see, buying a diamond ring is more of an experience. It’s not like you just step into the store and pick up something at first glance. There is a lot of thinking and planning that goes into buying such a royal and exquisite jewel. If you’re looking for the best diamond rings in South Florida, then you must check out diamondbyraymondlee.com. Here, you will come across some of the most mesmerizing diamond engagement ring sets.


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