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How to Pair Rings and Watches

How to Pair Rings and Watches

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Both men and women have adorned themselves with jewelry, body paint, and makeup for almost as long as there has been civilization. There is evidence that humans used different shells, metals, and stones to adorn their hair and body as long as 100,000 years ago.

Setting ourselves apart with the use of accessories is how we separate ourselves from the crowd. It is how we display our personality. Our adornment says a lot about who we are and what our place in society is.

With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that to this day, human adornment is still such an important part of society. These adornments give instant visual cues that display status, place in society, personality, and style.

Having a put-together look is important for a variety of reasons. This first impression makes such an impact on a person. It tells them, without you ever speaking, things about you that denote your status, place, and how you fit into a specific setting.

This could be something as simple as looking put-together for the office so you display a professional, confident look. Or, it might be part of a social event where you need to display a certain status or air. Whatever the reason, people have seriously considered human adornment and how to pair different pieces together to create an impression since time immemorial.

Elegant Timepieces

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One of the most common accessories is a timepiece. In older times, this might have been a pocket watch. Flash forward to today and this is a wristwatch. A wristwatch is an accessory that combines form and function into an elegant and expressive symbol of who we are.

A quality timepiece does a lot more than tell you the date and time. You can see quality and craftsmanship just by looking at a luxury timepiece. Craftsmanship and the use of the highest quality materials creates a timepiece that shows its quality without anything being said.

Whether you are at the office or on the town for a social event, a well-made, high-quality timepiece is a key part of many signature styles. Think about that businessman that always looks so well put together. Chances are, one of the things he includes in this look is a timepiece.

Timepieces tend to be associated with men, but women can also include a high-end timepiece into their look to create an elegant, timeless style that sets her apart from the crowd.

High-end timepieces use the highest-quality metals and stones in their construction. You can choose timepieces that signify understated elegance, or you may choose a timepiece studded with diamonds or other precious gemstones that gives you a glitzy and glamorous look.

Rings As Accessories

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Whether a man or woman, rings are a great accessory that can also send important messages about a person. We most often think of the wedding ring. This piece of jewelry gives information about our marital status as well as our social status.

People wear rings for more than to just symbolize their attachment to someone else. Married people often wear more than one ring. People wear rings on any finger.

Adorning the hands is a time-honored tradition and we have evidence of the use of rings for tens of thousands of years. Like all body adornment, a ring provides the viewer with a range of information about a person without ever speaking to them.

The style, materials used, and type of ring worn may display marital status, social status, religious status, and more. So not only is a ring nice to look at, they provide important visual clues about who we are.

It makes sense to choose a style that pairs well with a wide range of looks for a ring you plan to wear daily. The ring needs to match well with an office look or a social event.

Rings that are simple accessories to be worn on special occasions can be a lot more unique as they don’t need to be able to blend well with so many different looks. Depending on what you purchase the ring for can help guide your decision as to the style, materials, and more.

Pairing Jewelry

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Now that we have briefly looked at timepieces and rings, let’s look at how to best pair these pieces. Pairing different pieces of jewelry is incredibly common. Most people wear multiple pieces at a time, and we want to make sure that the pieces we choose work well together.

Pairing a high-quality timepiece with a stunning ring is a great way to create a put-together look that displays elegance, style, and status. The biggest thing to consider is how the styles of each piece work together and how this fits with your style and personality.

If you have a flashy timepiece that is studded with diamonds or other precious gemstones, you might choose a simpler ring. Pairing two really glitzy pieces together might be a little too sparkly for some. Or, you may like this look and go for it explicitly. 

When choosing how to best pair a watch with a ring, you will want to take into consideration when and where you plan to wear the pieces, how often you plan to wear them, and how the pieces fit with your lifestyle and needs.

Consider the Style

To decide what pieces to choose for pairing, you will want to consider your lifestyle and fashion preferences. Do you prefer a simple, elegant, and effortlessly sophisticated look? Or, do you like to show off glitz and glamour to its highest degree?

These answers will go a long way to helping you choose the best possible watch and ring pairing. If you are choosing a pairing to wear daily, you will need to consider what your lifestyle entails. If you are super active, you might not want a lot of jewelry that is large and overcomplicated as it might interfere with your lifestyle.

Conversely, if you want a glamorous look that oozes luxury for a special social event, you may go all out and pick jewel-studded pieces all around. Do you want your look to be eye-catching or something that is more subtly luxurious?

Answering these questions will guide you in your pairing so that whatever you choose works well together and you achieve that look you desire. The biggest thing you need to consider when choosing your pieces is the style you are going for and this will guide your selection.

What Look Are You Trying to Achieve?

Style and preferences are important considerations when choosing the best ring and watch pairing, but the desired look is also important. Are you trying to show off status and financial success? Do you want to look sophisticated and professional? What is the purpose of pairing these pieces of jewelry?

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Choosing diamond or jewel-encrusted pieces to accent a simple, professional look doesn’t make a lot of sense. You want simple, elegant pieces that show their craftsmanship and quality without being too flashy or over-the-top.


Also, if you have an active lifestyle or your job requires you to get your hands dirty, you don’t want to choose something so intricate and flashy that it becomes an impediment to doing your job.


Pairing a watch and ring for a special social occasion opens up different options for style and expression. A high-class social event is a place where people typically show off the finest clothing and jewelry they own and the point is to impress.


In these instances, something flashier makes sense. An elegant, simple timepiece paired with a stunning, uniquely shaped diamond ring not only signals style and status but creates a put-together look that will be the envy of the party.

How Best to Show Off Your Style

We all have different ideas of style. Some like understated elegance and luxury and others want to show off their bling to the highest degree. Whether you like one of these or fall somewhere in between, a few style tips make it easier to select pieces to pair together that will enhance your look and style.


Thinking about your style and personality is a great start. If you have a subdued personality, this is likely to translate to your sense of style as well. If you have a larger-than-life personality, chances are your look will reflect that as well.


Own your personality and use it to guide your style. Remember, you pair watches and rings with an entire ensemble, so you want to make sure you aren’t clashing jewelry with the outfit you are wearing. Choosing a sporty watch and chunky ring to wear to a formal occasion with a ballgown won’t look right.


Most people choose their outfits first and pick jewelry to match, but you don’t have to go about it this way. If you are set on a particular pairing of watch and ring, use these to select an outfit that works with the look or sets off the jewelry. Do you want the outfit or the accessories to be the star?


Take Your Time to Consider


If you want the outfit to be the star, it makes sense to choose more simple, understated pieces that don’t detract from the look of the outfit. If the jewelry is the star of the show, you will want to choose simple clothing with clean lines and not a lot of embellishment, so it doesn’t draw the eye away from the jewelry, which is the heart of the look in this instance.


The best way to show off your style and personality is to take the time to think about where you will wear the pieces, what your personality is, and how this all works with your overall style. A bit of forethought makes it easy to choose pieces that will work well with your look, whether you are pairing a watch and a ring for an everyday look or for a truly special occasion.

In Closing

Pairing jewelry is a great way to show off your unique style and the way you choose to pair and present this jewelry will tell the viewer a lot about you. Humans have adorned our bodies with stones, metal, bones, feathers, and all sorts of materials since time immemorial. We adorn ourselves to express our personal style and our personality. These adornments also tell others a lot about us simply from a glance. 

Someone with high-quality adornments made from precious materials shows the person has status, wealth, or an important place in society. We might not consciously think about it, but these adornments tell others a lot about us.

Today, we still adorn ourselves for a whole host of different reasons. Whether it is for a religious purpose or simply out of a love for fashion and style, adornment is an important part of the human psyche. Choosing a jewelry pairing that best displays a specific look or station in life is something most of us do without really thinking a lot about it.

The practice of pairing jewelry together has a long history. The pairing of a watch and a ring is a great way to create a put-together, complete look that displays our style, elegance, and personality. You don’t want to put just any watch and ring together, as they might clash or not work well with your lifestyle. 

Careful Selection

When choosing a good pairing of a watch and ring, you will want to consider your personality, your personal style, and your overall lifestyle. For pieces you plan to wear daily, it is imperative that what you choose won’t clash with your lifestyle.  An active person probably doesn’t want large, chunky jewelry that gets in the way of their daily activities. On the flip side, someone who loves sparkly glamour is not likely to be satisfied with understated pieces.

Take a minute to consider how and where you plan to wear the watch and ring pairing. Also, consider your overall look and style. This helps guide your choices to ensure that you are happy with the pairing that you choose for years to come.



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