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Engagement Ring and Diamond Ring Trends

Engagement Ring and Diamond Ring Trends

Engagement Ring and Diamond Ring Trends

It is that time of year when so many couples are making the plans of a lifetime, literally. Getting married is one of the most important decisions ever made in a man or woman’s life. To go along with this awesome decision is the typical preparation mode one will likely experience. Is this a daunting task? Probably, but it is also one of those times when it can be so exciting, breathing new life into what may have been a busy lifestyle.

The engagement process has so many different angles, or directions, it can take the bride-to-be. What about the groom? His responsibility in this whole experience weighs heavily on his mind while considering the future and what it holds for him in this new partnership. One vital point in all of this is to remember how much the groom probably struggled within him self on selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring.

This is no easy feat; in fact, it can be downright overwhelming. However, somehow he manages to get the perfect ring; interesting how that works out. At any rate, for the 2012 engagement trends coming up, this is a good time to explore some sample ideas of potential selections that could help out the poor groom. Honestly, it is safe to say that most men cherish the opportunity to find a real surprise for their true love.


Moving on…

There is always a safe purchase of one particular type of diamond cut to have inset in a lovely gold ring. The round cut has long been the most popular among engagement ring buyers. In fact, it is responsible for approximately 80 percent of all diamond cut purchases. For this reason alone, the round version makes an easy target for the ensuing onslaught of grooms this year.

A distinction can be made, however, by utilizing the four C’s; cut, clarity, color and carat of each diamond being considered. As a fail-safe measure, always go to a jeweler where the representatives have a deep and factual knowledge of diamonds. Their expertise will allow a great peace of mind, taking a huge load off of your already fried mind.


Diamond Clarity

Since the cut was covered in the first segment, let’s consider the clarity for a moment; to understand this term more clearly, learn the terminology of blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are those problems that are seen on the surface of the diamond. Look at the facets to check for how cuts were made and if they appear to be clean or lack symmetry. Inclusions are a deeper issue since they stem from some form of an internal flaw. Such internal problems are usually not visible to the naked eye. It would take some form of a microscope to actually see flaws in your diamond.

What is termed as “eye clean”, what you don’t see is probably a good thing for the most part. Unless the diamond you are considering costs a significant amount, worrying about this characteristic of the diamond is not necessary. One benefit to a few minor flaws is that it adds to its uniqueness. Just think, there will never be another diamond just like yours making it incredibly special in more ways than one.


Does Color Matter?

Now, regarding color, this is where the prices will begin to vary, but the beauty is quite a sight; even to the untrained eye. Ask your jewelry representative to describe to you the difference in colors of each diamond you may favor. Colors in diamonds are fancy or colorless, each having special characteristics respectively.

They are classified using a color scale that begin with D (colorless) and end at Z (consisting of gray, yellow and brown traces). For each diamond you consider as a potential purchase, ask for the color to be described to you and how that relates to the cost of the diamond since colorless is the rarest and tend to be the most expensive. A general rule is to stay in the D through L range of diamond color for a diamond ring since prices vary little and to the untrained eye, it becomes a matter of choice.


Carat: The Final Four of the Four C’s

Finally, and perhaps the most popular aspect, is the carat; and no, this will not improve your eyesight by looking at it for long periods of time. (Just a little jewelry humor…) Here is where some people get confused thinking that the heavier the diamond, or carat, the more impressive the diamonds or diamond ring will be. Well, that may be, but that also applies to the final price tag as well. For the sake of the engagement ring buyer, remember that budget is big and it would be easy to bite off more than you can chew.

With regard to this year’s trend, it really is based on the economy where the typical size is expected to range around the .9 to 1.1 carat size. This is a very modest weight, but it is still a popular selection among the round cut type of diamond. Other cuts are certainly available along with other cuts. So, be selective, enjoy the experience, and work on being practical to avoid future “issues” over your selection of a ring for life.

Practical is Perfect!

Remember, this is an engagement ring that will be accompanied by a wedding band in the future. So, be deliberate in selection by accounting for all of the four C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat. Trends expected this year will use this information religiously for one very good reason; it is a guide for selecting the most practical diamond ring for your circumstance. Along with good wedding budget sense, the four C’s are a winning combination that will yield the best results adding to what is sure to be the best day of your life…the wedding!

By James, for Raymond Lee Jewelers. Diamonds experts for nearly 30 years! Raymond Lee is Boca Raton’s most trusted jeweler ~


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