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A time has come in the luxury watch industry where some new and exciting approaches are being taken to create a new atmosphere, establishing an opportunity for alliances to reach out and appeal to enthusiasts of Bentley Automobiles and Breitling Luxury Watches.

Certainly, the purposed new line of fine and high-end watches being introduced is designed to seek the approval and accolades from a very selective audience; one that has been thirsty for a fresh take on combining two of the finer things in life.

Potential owners to this new Breitling line can expect to be surprised, if not amazed, at the amount of dedication to detail and functionality, surpassing the expectations of all. What designers and watchmakers along with team members have done is to develop a certain feel, driving to the emotions, pardon the pun, of timepiece excellence.


A very limited manufacturing of the “Breitling Supersport”, 1,000 for three models, is sure to start a stir among the luxury watch enthusiasts and Bentley owners, and even future owners. Stark and subtle help describe how diverse these beautiful and stunning watches appear. Each dial of the models will boast of a ringed-counter in a blue, white, and orange flair. The sheer contrast of color versus the dial causes an eye-popping look sure to draw the most critical to a mellow tone when they observe its powerful appearance for the first time.

Additionally, a gleam of brilliance from the master craftsman causes attention to be drawn to an overall delicate aspect of this watch. Its concept is what sets this timepiece apart from any other in its class. Not to digress, but Breitling may have created a class all to itself regarding the “Supersport”. At any rate, the remarkable feature brings a similitude of a Bentley dashboard to this watches appearance. The connection of Bentley and the Breitling is astounding, yet simple as a conceptual epiphany taken from thought to reality.


This 49 mm wonder will undoubtedly set a mark for other watchmakers to strive for and excel beyond, testing the imagination and creativity of those experts within their watch-making craft. To the audience of such luxury, prepare for the excitement, exhilaration, and outright amazement and let the impetus be to experience such refinement and beauty mixed with power and confidence experienced by owning the new “Breitling Supersport”.

By James, for Raymond Lee Jewelers. If you are considering the investment of an expensive watch, consider learning about the care and upkeep involved in protecting your investment ~ Trade ins are common with luxury watches, before you watch shop.


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