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Diamond Tuesday – Sotheby's Diamond Sale in Hong Kong

Diamond Tuesday – Sotheby's Diamond Sale in Hong Kong

Ah… Diamond Jewelry. It seems as though Sotheby’s has been quite popular of late with their auctions and sales. As most who follow the diamond industry already know, the Beau Sancy is going to auction on May 15, 2012 in Geneva at Sotheby’s. While this particular event is getting quite a bit of attention, there is a sale that has definitely caught the eye and ears of the connoisseurs of diamonds and diamond jewelry. In Hong Kong, Sotheby’s has announced its huge and popular sale consisting of some stunning and absolutely gorgeous jewels and jadeite on April 3, 2012. If you need some help on buying diamonds in time for the sale, below is a video Raymond Lee Jewelers created to help our clients and visitors.

Diamond Color Gone Wild

The theme has been noted as one of color explosions that include pinks, blues, with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. With some pearls being thrown in to add some soft brilliance to the mix, it is estimated to bring in as much as 92 million dollars; figures based on pre-sales figures.

Some of what makes this special occasion so amazing is the amount of special diamonds being brought to market. Blue diamonds, or vivid blue diamonds, bring a great deal of attention from the buyers who have some interested third parties giving a pointed focus to these precious stones. The cuts of these and other diamonds are presented as having a double rose cut and pear-shaped work with triangular facet cuts only. Through some very meticulous craftsmanship, the designers apparently had truly been inspired.

Remarkable to Behold

Additional items of interest with diamond jewelry are a 5 carat fancy cut vivid blue diamond ring.  This astonishing piece of art has been graced with some beautifully crafted pink and white diamonds. Ravishingly simple, yet subtle placement of these diamonds have given a magnificent appearance that will likely send shock-waves through the room.

There is one specific blue diamond ring sporting a hefty 8.01 carats with an emerald-cut. Being a vivid blue diamond on top of that, it is already estimated to bring as much as 14 million dollars. Not to be outdone, an 18.11 carat diamond with a brilliant-cut loose diamond may not fetch as much in cost, but is visually superior to certain eyes. Of course, the beauty is always in the eye of the beholder; and that is all that truly matters.

Some other special items of note include a diamond ruby necklace with an unbelievable 89 carats surrounded by smaller and more delicate appearing diamonds. Judging by the outline of what is to be offered at this sale, rings and necklaces are only the beginning. For those with a more selective taste, earrings are also on the menu.

A couple of choices here include an emerald diamond set and a radiant and brilliant set of sapphire diamond earrings. These two combined are estimated to top the 3 million dollar range.

As you can tell, the entire sale is designed to be a huge success by appealing to virtually every group of diamond enthusiasts or connoisseurs. Substantial interest has already been indicated with the amount of pre-selling that has occurred. Do not be left out of such an exciting opportunity or be caught on the sidelines. Just looking at the line-up can really grab the finer side of your tastes, appealing to the most exquisite diamond palate, or in the least, create a craving for diamonds and diamond jewelry ripe for the picking.

By James, for Raymond Lee Jewelers. A diamond buyer and seller.


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