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10 Unique Henri Daussi Engagement Rings For 2019

Henri Daussi Born in 1932 in Antwerp, Belgium Henri Daussi was an American trailblazer for creating diamonds and fine jewelry that has changed the world. The city of Antwerp which was located in the heart of Europe has been at the center of the world’s diamond trade for over five centuries. Today it continues to…
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Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Designer Wedding Jeweler: Henri Daussi

The jewelry pieces you wear on your wedding day are arguably the most important pieces anyone will own over their lifetime. They are the unique items that mark the occasion. Celebrating your love and commitment with precious, masterfully crafted jewelry pieces starts with an engagement ring but goes much further. There are certain iconic brands…
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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands: Gabriel & Co. vs. Henri Daussi

When it comes to wedding bands, we love pairing our designer engagement rings with their designer wedding band counterparts. All of our engagement ring lines, from A. Jaffe to Verragio, include both engagement rings and wedding bands (most of them also include coordinating men’s bands!) And whether you want a seamless fit or a layered…
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Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Henri Daussi engagement rings never fail to bring a smile to our faces! Whenever we stroll by that particular designer showcase in our gorgeous new showroom, we can’t help but admire the rows and rows of unique, flawlessly designed Henri Daussi engagement rings – and we’ve noticed the same rule applies to our clients! Click…
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Henri Daussi

Henri Daussi vs. A. Jaffe

That being said, we love nothing more than comparing and contrasting our designer engagement rings. Isolating what makes one spectacular and the other jaw-dropping. Checking out the details that make them so different from one another, and seeing if any patterns or trends emerge from looking at a designer’s collection as a whole. So today,…
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Henri Daussi Rings

Top 10 Henri Daussi Rings of 2016

Henri Daussi Rings helped us make 2016 the year of the cushion cut. These fabulous engagement rings are famous for the way they use cushion cuts. Henri Daussi began his career as a diamond cutter, most famous for – you guessed it – his trademark cushion cuts. Eventually an entire engagement ring empire was built…
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