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10 Unique Henri Daussi Engagement Rings For 2019

10 Unique Henri Daussi Engagement Rings For 2019

Henri Daussi

Born in 1932 in Antwerp, Belgium Henri Daussi was an American trailblazer for creating diamonds and fine jewelry that has changed the world.

The city of Antwerp which was located in the heart of Europe has been at the center of the world’s diamond trade for over five centuries. Today it continues to be known today as the diamond capital of the world. 

Early on Daussi was taught the art of diamond cutting by his father Jozef Loots. He learned how to who place different facets onto a rough diamond and turn it into a beautiful brilliant gem. Henri eventually went on to become one of the most respected international diamond cutters in the world. 

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances here on earth. You can only cut a diamond by using other diamonds. And Henri understood that. Before Daussi, no one had ever managed to cut into a diamond.
Because of his brilliance, perseverance, and history, Henri Daussi has become one of our favorite brands here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. So today we’re lining out 10 unique Henri Daussi engagement rings for 2019.

Henri Daussi engagement rings for 2019

1. Henri Daussi 2.38ct GIA Certified Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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This engagement ring is beautiful and features a 2.38ct cushion cut center diamond certified by GIA.

2. Henri Daussi 18k Rose Gold 2.02ct Fancy Light Yellow Rose Cut Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

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Here we have a fancy diamond engagement ring featuring approximately 1.11ctw of round brilliant diamonds in the setting.

3. Henri Daussi 0.55ct Diamond Engagement Ring

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This diamond engagement ring features a 0.55ct cushion cut center diamond that is framed in a perfect halo setting. With 14 round brilliant pink diamonds as well as 56 round brilliant white diamond accents.

4. Henri Daussi Victorian 0.79ct Diamond Engagement Ring

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Looking for a more vintage style ring? This engagement ring features a royal Victorian style setting with a .79.ct cushion cut center stone in 18k white gold. 

5. Henri Daussi 0.71ct Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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A halo diamond for anyone. This ring features a 0.71ct cushion cut fancy yellow diamond that is surrounded by a 0.83ctw round brilliant diamonds.

6. Henri Daussi 0.55ct Diamond Engagement Ring

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Here’s a beautiful fancy orange-brown center diamond ring, surrounded by 0.66ctw pave set diamonds that run along the 14k rose gold halo setting.

7. Henri Daussi 14k Rose Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

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A beautiful double diamond halo engagement ring set in 14k rose gold. This Henri Daussi engagement ring showcases a 0.24ct cushion cut diamond surrounded by 0.36 carats of pave accent diamonds.

8. Henri Daussi 1.13ct Diamond Engagement Ring

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This pink Henri Daussi engagement ring features a 1.13ct cushion cut diamond center stone that is surrounded by 0.33ct accent diamonds. 

9. Henri Daussi 18k White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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Coming in at number nine we have a gorgeous round brilliant diamond engagement ring set in 18k white gold and a stunning diamond halo to wrap around the center. 

10. Henri Daussi 18k White Gold 1.13ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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And last but certainly not least we have a fancy yellow cushion cut diamond approximately 1.13cts. Cushion cut diamond is fancy yellow in color and IF in clarity. 

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Raymond Lee Jewelers

These are just some of the amazing Henri Daussi engagement rings you’ll find here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. If you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect ring for yourself or for your partner, consider making a trip to the store and having one of our experts help you.

For commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page. During regular business hours, we can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. For after hour inquiries, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you next business day.

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