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Five Things You Should Know About Selling a Watch in Boca Raton

Selling an expensive watch in Boca Raton can be a good way to make some extra money. Luxury watches and antique watches can fetch a good price if you sell them properly. Following are some tips on how to get top dollar for what you have to offer. Do Careful Research If you are not…
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Are You Secretly Rich?

Chances are, you have some items that you don’t use sitting in a closet or the attic. Did you know that these items can make you money? From jewelry to silver to computers containing precious metals, you might be sitting on a gold mine. Here are some tips for turning your clutter into cold, hard…
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Diamond Buyers are a Seller’s Best Friend

It’s hard to know what you have when it comes time to sell your diamonds because unlike gold, the selection process is much more subjective than when you’re attempting to sell bullion. Whereas selling gold merely requires the seller to know the meltdown weights of the metal and do the math, selling your diamonds intelligently…
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Selling Jewelry in Boca Raton

If you have jewelry that you never wear or is broken, you may want to consider selling it. This is why it is important to understand the different options you have for selling your jewelry. With this, you should also understand the benefits and drawbacks of choosing these options. Online Jewelry Buyers You see commercials…
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Craigslist Offer to Trade Wedding Band set for Broncos Chiefs Tickets

 Craig’s List is renowned as the place online where anyone can find anything. You can buy used items, sell used items and even barter your stuff for something you might want or need. Jewelry is a common item posted for sale, but recently a devoted wife from Overland Park posted a strange bartering arrangement in…
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RLJ Turns Pink for the Go Pink Challenge!

October is here and with is comes Breast Cancer Awareness month. While everything is getting a dose of pink, from your favorite yogurt to the NFL, we stay a little pink year round. We love supporting the  Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation’s Go Pink Challenge (if you follow us on Instagram you know their Kentucky…
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The Best ways to Sell a Watch in Boca Raton

If you’re looking to sell watches boca raton there are a number of different ways to do it. Boca Raton, Florida may have a larger number of people looking for high end wrist watches than other parts of the country, but for the most part, thanks to the Internet, the philosophy of selling wrist watches to individuals…
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Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

It is not hard to sell jewelry Boca Raton, as there are a number of jewelry shops, precious metal dealerships and pawn shops that are more than willing to purchase all types of jewelry. Unfortunately, many people do not make as much money from their jewelry sale as they could have. Following are three simple…
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How to Sell Antique Jewelry – Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

If you have estate or antique jewelry and have interest in selling you have multiple approaches available. No matter which of the avenues you choose you should start by getting it appraised from a trusted source.   You will find two types of buyers for antique jewelry, collectors and resellers. Collectors may be willing to…
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