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Tacori Engagement Rings – How Much?

Tacori Engagement Rings – How Much?

Once upon a time, a brilliant diamond company (pun absolutely intended) decided that hard working grooms needed to fork over just a little more cash to get their hands on a beautiful engagement rings. And thus, the “2 month’s salary” rule was born. This edict insisted that you needed to pony up a bare minimum of 2 months salary for Tacori engagement rings – or any engagement ring, for that matter.

We, however, beg to differ. Over and over again!

There is NO industry “one size fits all” rule – any jeweler who tells you otherwise should make you question your purchase. This is such an emotional purchase, and for many couples a significant investment. Only the shopper knows their financial situation inside out, what their plans are for money decisions as a couple, and – most importantly – what they value most in an engagement ring. Any kind of salary-based formula just doesn’t allow for enough individual flexibility (and it’s an outdated marketing tactic anyway, not based in any kind of sound financial advice.)

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement rings capture the hearts of many DBRL brides before they ever even see the stunning settings in person. Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr, she’s got an idea of what she’d like before she ever sets foot in a jewelry store – if she ever does at all!

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And we make no bones about it: our Tacori engagement rings are at the top end of our selection. They are pure luxury, handcrafted in California, and perfectly engineered to last a lifetime. And their prices do include any customization you can dream up, though they don’t include the center diamond. So a Tacori ring might be well over 2 months salary for you for the setting alone – and if your “must-have” list for your dream ring puts an incredible designer setting at the top of your priorities, who are we to judge? Likewise, maybe you want to spend less than 2 months salary on a Tacori ring, because to spend what you make in 2 months would nab you an insane ring that your fiancé quite frankly wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing in public. There are too many unique situations for every couple for us to say how much you should spend on Tacori engagement rings.

Tacori engagement Rings

The most important factor to consider when setting an engagement ring budget is what you can afford. Period – we never want to see a couple start out their married life under a mountain of diamond debt! Decide whether you’d like to pay cash, or if financing is something you’re interested in, as this will impact how much you can spend. When financing we can’t emphasize enough that you need to pay off the ring by the time your interest-free period ends. And yes, you should be looking for a jeweler who offers 0% financing, possibly with other incentives (like no money down or a gift card with purchase) during a promotion. You’ll often see these offers around big holidays, and especially in fall when “engagement season” begins (yes, it’s real, you aren’t imagining your Facebook feed being taken over by diamonds!) So if you want to finance, you need to make sure the monthly payments are easy to fit in your budget.

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Is this something you need to discuss with your partner before you start shopping?  We’ve seen an increase in couples shopping for their ring(s) together, but we still serve more traditional clientele who want to keep the ring and proposal a secret until The Big Moment. However, if you are sharing the financial cost of the ring, it’s definitely something you need to talk about beforehand. We recommend “window shopping” either online or at your local jeweler to get ideas. We host bubbles and browsing type events at our stores a few times a year to give couples a laid back, no-pressure chance to look at rings together.

Tacori engagement rings

Remember – you should always use the 4 c’s to your advantage! Cut, Color, Clarity, and (everybody’s favorite) Carat weight work together to influence the price of the perfect diamond for your Tacori ring. By learning the basics of diamond grading, you can maximize your budget without sacrificing the beauty of the diamond OR overpaying for qualities that don’t matter as much to you. This is how you strike a balance between beauty and budget on all Tacori engagement rings.

Looking for more advice on how to maximize your engagement ring budget? Make sure you check out our most helpful posts on the 4 C’s of diamond grading – and shopping.


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