Henri Daussi Engagement Rings: How To Take Care of Them

Henri Daussi engagement rings are a thing of beauty. Each one specially made just for your diamond. These stunners deserve nothing but the best care you can give them. So whenever you’re not admiring the rock on your left hand, there are few “must do’s” to keep it just as blindingly bright.

Couples spend considerable time and money finding the perfect ring, researching everything they need to know to buy a great quality diamond. If you don’t clean your ring, that investment goes to waste! Letting your diamond engagement ring get dirty dulls its sparkle and can make your diamond look like it’s several Color and Clarity grades lower than what it actually is.

Henri Daussi engagement rings

Henri Daussi engagement rings are literally all about the diamond – the setting is built around your center stone, and the brand was founded on Henri Daussi Loots’ skill and reputation as an expert diamond cutter. So it’s even more important that you keep your engagement ring in top top shape. That’s as easy as keeping it clean.
We recommend cleaning your ring at home at least weekly, because dirt grease and grime build up faster than you think. The number one culprit for a dull diamond is the residue from the natural oils on your skin. They dull the appearance of the diamond alone, but also act as a magnet for dirt and dust – your diamond’s worst enemies. You should take your ring to your jeweler once a quarter for a nice “spa day” in their professional cleaning equipment, and a quick checkup from the jeweler to make sure the ring is still structurally sound (prongs are secure, accent diamonds are present & accounted for, etc.)

Henri Daussi engagement rings

When cleaning at home, our first choice is designated jewelry cleaner – your jeweler should give you some with your purchase. In a pinch, plain old Windex does the trick! First gently scrub your ring with a soft toothbrush and dish soap in warm water, then pat dry with a soft towel. After that, soak it in the jewelry cleaner (or window cleaner) for 30 minutes, rinse and let air dry. Buff it with a soft polishing cloth (pro tip: you can use the same ones you use for cleaning electronic screens if you misplaced the one that came with your ring.)
To keep your ring shining, always remove it before applying cosmetics and lotion, doing household chores, and swimming. Obviously, harsh chemicals involved in those activities can damage your ring over time, if not the diamond. And if you’re headed to the beach this summer leave your rings at home! Your fingers “shrink” in cold water, making your rings loose. Loose rings + lubricated fingers + the ocean floor = buried treasure, lost at sea. Just don’t do it! Plus, any Floridian knows all your blinging attracts sharks and barracuda. Leave the sparkle at home.

Henri Daussi engagement rings

And one more not about chemicals – this time they’re organic. We’re talking about your body chemistry! If you have a white gold ring, your body chemistry will affect how often you need to have your ring rhodium plated. This thin coating “turns” & wears off over time, exposing the very pale gold your ring is made of. Take your ring to your jeweler whenever you notice the band starting to dull or turn warmer, and a quick rhodium plating is an inexpensive facelift for your ring.

Henri Daussi engagement rings

Remember, this advice applies only to diamond engagement rings. If you have an antique ring, or an engagement ring with an alternative center stone, always consult your jeweler on the best and safest ways to clean at home. The same cleaning solutions that get your diamond bright and shiny could ruin a softer gemstone, and may be too harsh or abrasive for delicate antique jewelry.
If you have any questions or hesitations about cleaning Henri Daussi engagement rings – or any other diamond rings – call us! We’ll give you the go ahead or the signal to bring it in for a second opinion.

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