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Take That, iPhone – HTC Releases Solid Gold Phone

Take That, iPhone – HTC Releases Solid Gold Phone

For the ultimate in trend setting style, you can enjoy the smooth and gloss look of solid 18 carat gold without compromising any of the functionality and features you have come to expect from the line of HTC smart phones. Now you can have your bling every time you answer that ring. The ring from your cell phone, that is.

The popular Taiwanese manufacturer of smart phones, HTC, decided to roll out a limited run of solid gold phones as a stunning and eye catching way to honor artists who have made a significant contribution in the area of black entertainment. With only five of these golden delights slated for release, and at a price tag of about $4,400 each, they are sure to be a hot commodity with the ultra elite and fashionable crowd.

In order to honor black musicians, the Music of Black Origin, or MOBO, Awards were established 18 years ago in the United Kingdom by Andy Ruffell and Kanya King. They wanted to bring much needed attention and accolades to the accomplishments of urban music, and the black artists that perform it. HTC released their stunning gold smart phones as a way to commemorate this ground breaking event.

This HTC One smartphone features luscious 18 carat gold. This exclusive, and pricey, solid gold cell phone also has a MOBO 18 etched on the back so that it will forever be remembered as being tied to the MOBO Awards. No doubt these exclusive phones will be hard to get your hands on for years to come, and don’t expect them to show up for sale again any time in the near future.

Apple was the first cell phone provider to roll out the gold version of their product. The iPhone 5S, in gold, sold out almost as quickly as it was introduced. It is now fetching princely sums of around $10,000 on auction sites such as eBay. Samsung introduced a gold Galaxy S4 earlier in 2013. Their offering also included either a pink or brown cover in order to complete the look.

This genuine solid gold HTC One phone should not be confused with the 24 karat gold plated phone of the same model. With a price tag of just over $2,500, the gold plated version is a more affordable option for those people whose wallets are not quite a full as those celebrities who attend the MOBO Awards. This phone comes in a luxe cherry oak box that showcases its beauty in just the way it should be. The phone itself can work with any current network since it is universally unlocked. In addition, it is SIM free.

While the HTC One comes in a variety of other desirable colors, such as Glamor Red and Metallic Blue, it is safe to say that their desirability does not touch that of the solid gold HTC One. Then again, perhaps the price tag of these other colors makes them more attainable.


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