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The World's Most Expensive iPhone 5

Think you spent a lot of money on your iPhone? Think again.

While iPhones have moved from luxuries to necessities in today’s fast-paced world, a Chinese businessman is putting the “luxury” status back into the iPhone, dropping more than seven figures on his communication tool.

The Chinese businessman, identified only as “Joe,” hired a famed craftsman to create an iPhone that would definitely make your head turn. Valued at $15 million, the iPhone 5 created by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, England includes more than 600 diamonds, including a 26-carat black diamond.

No “home” like it

The most expensive phone in the world has nearly all of its value from the black diamond, which is estimated at $14.5 million, and serves as the device’s “home” button. This iPhone is so cool that it also has 53 diamonds on its back to create the Apple logo.

By the way, this is not Hughes’ first foray in the luxury iPhone market. He was commissioned to create an iPhone 4S in 2011. That phone had more than 500 diamonds and was valued at $9 million.

By the numbers

Some numbers on the Chinese businessman’s luxury communication tool:

  • 9: Weeks to create the phone’s solid gold chassis.
  • $153,000: Value of the phone’s solid gold handsets.
  • 18: Months from when the businessman contacted Hughes to the phone’s completion.

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