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Trend Watch: Luxury Timepieces Inspired by the Cosmos – Winter 2013/2014

Trend Watch: Luxury Timepieces Inspired by the Cosmos – Winter 2013/2014

With the December Solstice rapidly approaching, it’s no surprise that many luxury watch designers have found their head in the clouds…and who could blame them? These next luxury designs shine as brightly as the stars and constellations that they were inspired by. Each piece offers their own unique ability to track the moon phases, your favorite constellations, or even the midnight sky in Paris; and what is not to love about that?

Chanel’s Moon phase Chromatic Haute Joaillerie: This stunning 18 karat white gold and titanium ceramic is an absolute masterpiece. It delivers all the elegance and craftsmanship we have come to expect from a Chanel piece. This watch captures the essence of the stark contrasts between the shimmering glow of the moon and stars and the deep blue sky they are set against. Complete with 554 beautifully placed baguette diamonds, this watch would make a breath-taking addition to anyone’s collections.

Rendez-Vous Celestial by Jaeger-LeCoultre: Jaeger-LeCoultre really reaches for the stars with this one. Perhaps the best part about this time piece is the intricate map of the stars. The map rotates itself daily, and shows you which constellations are in the sky based on of the day and time of year. This watch is perfect for star-gazers looking to keep track of their favorite constellations.

Hermes’ Arceau Petite Lune: This watch, is that it is both simple yet sophisticated. It has an almost storybook look to it with its traditional mother of pearl dial with an adorable peak-a-boo moon cut-out. This moon cutout shows a rotating image of the moon cycles according to the day and time of the year.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Midnight in Paris: Perhaps one of the most beautiful on this list, the Midnight in Paris watch by Van Cleef & Arpels’ is perhaps one of the most visually stunning watches in haute horologie. This aptly named piece is as brilliant as the city of light (Paris) it was molded after. That is right, this watch recreates the midnight sky in Paris so that you can see it anywhere, at any time.

The Zenith Heritage Star Moon phase: Everything about this watch oozes understated elegance. A cushion shaped case holds  classic round dial. From the choice of the brown leather, to its whimsical screen design (even the styling of the Roman numerals are just perfect). It even has a dash of diamonds to add a little extra flair.

The Slim light Moon phase by Frédérique Constant: It’s not always about the diamonds and the mother of pearl dials, sometimes simplicity is offers much needed breath of fresh air too. This stainless steel watch by Frederique Constant offers clean lines attached to a sleek black alligator skin band.


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