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Chopard Happy Hearts Fund to Rebuild Schools

Chopard Happy Hearts Fund to Rebuild Schools

Luxury jewelry designers Chopard understands that true success is not measured simply by bottom line profits, but rather by what type of impact an individual or a business can have on their global community.

In an effort to contribute to the global healing of cultures devastated by natural distasters, Chopard has partnered with the Happy Hearts Fund to help rejuvenate affected areas world- wide. Happy Hearts is a foundation that was first envisioned by model Petra Nemcova. Petra Nemcova began the Happy Hearts Fund after she found herself a victim of a natural disaster when she was injured during the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. This experience made a huge impact on Petra Nemcova’s life, and she committed herself to helping heal the pain of natural disaster victims.

The Happy Hearts Fund and Chopard are painfully aware that the most vulnerable of natural disaster victims are always the children. Not only do these children often experience physical injuries and damage to their homes, but also they face an entire upheaval of their daily routines as many of their schools are destroyed or damaged during natural disasters. The path to healing is made much easier for these children when they can get back into their regular daily routines in the safety of newly rebuilt community schools.

In order to assist with this effort, Chopard has designed the new Happy Diamonds Icon Bracelet which is being featured on their ecommerce stores worldwide. A percentage of the proceeds from this piece will go toward rebuilding schools for the children affected in natural disaster areas. The executive director of The Happy Hearts Fund, Sue Veres Royal, says that the charity is thrilled to be working with the creative talents at Chopard to design such a stunning and meaningful piece of jewelry. There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment behind this project as Chopard as well as The Happy Hearts Fund are expecting the project to attract the patronage of many affluent philanthropists this Christmas season.

The creativity and design power at Chopard will have a great impact on the outreach potential of The Happy Hearts Fund. Executive Director Royal says, “We look forward to building many schools together to help restore hope and educational opportunities for children.” Chopard and The Happy Hearts Fund know that the future of any community is only as strong as the children that the community has nurtured. When the educational structure of these devastated communities can be restored, the hope of future stability is restored as well.

The beautiful Happy Diamonds Icon Bracelet features 18kt rose gold. The bracelet is whimsically designed to highlight the hanging charm. The charm is a small pink sapphire creatively encased to dance between two pieces of crystal sapphire.

Chopard has committed to donating a generous seventeen percent of all sales from this item to rebuild schools in affected communities.

The Happy Hearts Fund has successfully built or restored 72 schools around the world to help restore hope and healing to children traumatized by disasters. These charitable efforts have impacted the lives of 44,000 children in seven countries. The partnership with Chopard is expected to greatly increase the international impact of The Helping Hands Fund.


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