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Gold iPhone 5s Auctions for $10,100

Gold iPhone 5s Auctions for $10,100

The amazing auction held its participants breathless at $2500 bid for the new gold tinted manufacturer-unlocked iPhone 5s this week. Then an enthusiast wanting to jump ahead bid $10,000 and rested, assured his bid would win. Alas, another bidder put up another $100 and stole the new iPhone 5s for $10,100.

The surprise is in the fact that you can purchase this phone for approximately $550 on Amazon, Craig’s List and many other online retailers. Not in the gold tint, of course. A double to the surprise is that the shipment time is promised by the sellers as less than one week or within 24 hours.

Which raises the question of price of Gold iPhones. The gold is a tint made to stick to aluminum or plastic and easiy scratches off with a sharp key or other like device. So what about the carbon fillers and other manufacturing processes that coat the phone to make it strong enough to withstand your purse or pocket’s abrasive neighbors? The probable elements enlisted to enable the phone to deliver good sound clarity, receive strong signals and live a reasonably decent lifespan are not, it is true, made of precious metals. Instead, the manufacturing process incorporates new technology that permits retention of the ultra slim design while adding functions. The gold color? It tells strangers that you have the newest iPhone 5s, should they be interested, and should you be interested in boasting.

One new function is the fingerprint identification application. This much touted function was a new function immediately hailed by hackers as easily violated with basic hacking knowledge and some simple tools of the hacking trade. Apple’s response was that the true security would still enlist the fingerprint identification function PLUS private password access to the new IPhone and its owner’s private information.

The many advantages new to this season’s iPhone 5c and 5s that have made the factory unable initially to keep up with the demand for this new phone are as follows:

For the colorful personalities.

Color makes a statement revealing your personality. The iPhone 5c comes in five unlike-anything-else colors. Add one of the six Apple-designed cases to be purchased separately, and it quickly goes from colorfully cool to impossible to ignore.

Engineered to brightest specifications.

Look at the list: A6 chip; 8MP iSight camera; 4-inch Retina display; Ultrafast LTE wireless.

iPhone 5c has the apps, flavor and taste that made iPhone 5 an amazing phone, including iOS 7. It is as powerful as it is expressive.

Ultrafast LTE wireless.

iPhone 5c supports more LTE than ever before, meaning you get ultrafast LTE coverage in more places than ever before.

iOS 7. Designed to complement iPhone 5c beautifully.

It has a vibrant, lively interface and new features taking advantage fully of the technology inside, iOS 7 works in every level with iPhone 5c.

Due to releases each season and technology seeking to surpass previous technology, we at Raymond Lee Jewelers, leading jeweler in South Florida, offer quality new and slightly pre-owned IPhones for your selection. We invite you to come by.


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