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Sell Your Used Watch And Jewelry

Sell Your Used Watch And Jewelry

Sell Your Watch and Jewelry

At some point, it will be time to say bye to that luxury wristwatch. Parting ways with your luxury wrist watches or jewelry could be for various reasons. However, you should sell your used watch and jewelry with the best buyer.

It may be that you don’t wear the watch that much anymore. Sometimes, it may be because you do not wear it at all. Whatever may be the reason you want to say bye to that timepiece or jewelry, ours is to get you the best value.

Therefore, in this text, we walk you through every necessary detail you need to know about trading your old pieces. 

Do You Want To Sell Your Used Watch And Jewelry?

You do not just rush into selling your old watch and jewelry. Before you do that, you must be sure that it is something you truly want to do. 

In addition, more often than not, people part ways with their used watches and jewelry only for the money. Sadly, this old watch and jewelry turn out to hold sentimental value later on. At that point, they regret selling the watch or jewelry.

To avoid being in such a situation, ensure that this is what you want to do. After reflecting on your decision to part ways with your used watch and jewelry, let’s get started!

Meet Diamonds By Raymond Lee

For watch and jewelry enthusiasts living in South Florida, selling your used watch and jewelry has never been easier. If you must bid farewell to that old luxury watch, fine jewelry, or diamonds, do it with one of the best buyers around. With Raymond Lee Jewelers, residents of Boca Raton and South Florida now have a go-to store to exchange their luxury used watches and jewelry for money.

Furthermore, Raymond Lee Jewelers holds that reputation as a reliable Swiss watch and fine diamond jewelry buyer. All over South Florida, we buy various kinds of watches, jewelry, and diamonds. The sweet part is that you get premium value for whatever you sell to us. Finally, we ensure your deals go smoothly in a satisfactory, confidential, and totally straightforward atmosphere. 

What You Should Consider When You Want To Sell Your Used Watch and Jewelry

Before taking a decision, something comes before which is considering some factors that may affect your decision. In this case, you are thinking about whether to sell your used watch and jewelry. 

You may own a luxury timepiece and you have never worn it since you bought it, or whether someone gave you the watch as a gift and you never got to rock it, or you may have worn it every single day for the past 20 years. Notwithstanding, we still consider it as a “used watch” or a “second hand watch”.

Below, we have highlighted a number of factors you must consider before selling your used watch and jewelry. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  • Be Truthful To Yourself

This is the first thing to consider because it will help you in the long run- ACCEPTANCE. You need to be realistic and true to yourself. Do you think this watch or jewelry is worth anything on the market? I don’t see any point trying to sell your used watch and jewelry which you only bought at a ridiculous price. 

As we all know, there are watches made from mediocre materials only to last for a short time while there are also watches/jewelry developed with highly sophisticated materials which can stand the test of time. You must also understand that fake designer items will value less than the real deal. 

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, you are welcome to bring everything you feel you can sell. Don’t worry, we are highly experienced in determining the value of the items. We will tell you the price it’s worth within minutes without wasting your time. 

  • Understand That Certain Characteristics Attract Good Prices

When you take your used watch or jewelry to a vendor to sell, they check some features before determining the value of your item. Every vendor or trader has a standard which their items must fulfill before you can get a good price. If you know about these standards and understand them properly, you can know whether you are being cheated or not. 

If the watch is stainless steel, gold, platinum, and avant-garde watches with bracelets or rubber straps, know that you should get a good price irrespective of the trader. Watches designed with these features increase the value, demand and popularity of the watch, which is what traders want. The higher the demand, the more they sell faster.

How complex is the watch or jewelry? It is believed that watches or jewelry with highly sophisticated style are known to last longer and reliable. That makes it a criterion which trading stores look at before assigning value to your item.

Does your wristwatch use Swiss movement? Swiss brands are well-known to be unique and expensive. So, if your watch falls in that category, expect to get a good price on it.

Traders tend to offer high pricing for top brands such as Rolex, Hublot, Piaget, Cartier, Breitling, Tudor, Franck Muller, Patek Philippe and many more. The same applies to us at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we prefer to buy top-rated brands and designers but we also accept others. So ensure you contact us to learn more.

Rare items also attract good prices because it is not easy to get. For instance, vintage and antiques. Now, you can ascertain or estimate what your item will be worth before going to a trading store like Raymond Lee Jewelers

  • What is The Condition of Your Old Watches and Jewelry

The condition of the old watch and jewelry you want to sell is also important. I don’t really see any point selling a watch which is spoiled beyond repair and unattractive. Although some parts may be useful for other purposes, altogether it may not fetch you as much as you bought it.  

Ensure your item is in a good condition in order to boost its selling value. If it has not been used in a long time, get an expert jewelry or watch cleaner who will take care of it properly to regain its original look. That way you can get a better price from the vendor you are choosing.

Selling a watch which is perfectly working with everything functioning properly attracts a better value. Trust me, you won’t waste much time in the store before getting your cash. Don’t worry if it’s not working, we still have use for it at Raymond Lee Jewelers. 

On another note, selling an original used watch or jewelry is a big flex unlike the opposite. It will attract a better price than when you sell a fake or unknown brand. 

  • Box and Papers

When all the items that came with your watch, jewelry or diamond are still intact such as boxes and papers, you have nothing to worry about. You will certainly get a good deal because the original box and papers adds to the resale value of the item. This tells us that your item is original, purchased directly from a legitimate source. No one wants to pay top dollar for a mediocre product disguised as an original.

How Can I Get The Best Price For My Used Watch and Jewelry?

To get the best price for your used watch or jewelry is easy! Simply trade with reputable and reliable vendors like Raymond Lee Jewelers. This is because many traders out there are out to make money off your items. 

If you are not careful they will use their tricky trading skills to buy highly valuable items from you at a ridiculously cheap price. That’s why you must understand how they work, what they look at, and the estimated value of what you want to sell before entering into business with them.

Sell your used watch and jewelry at a trusted store to avoid being swindled, which will be painful. Other factors that will influence the price of your used watch and jewelry include:

  • Age

This factor works in two ways. If it is old and outdated, it can be bought as a vintage item. However, this is dependent on the quality of the item. On the other hand, if it is too old and no longer in circulation, its value becomes very low. In this case, the older it gets, the more the value depreciates. 

  • Brand

Top brands such as Rolex, Cartiers and other swiss brands attract better prices than others. This is because they are more expensive, classic, unique and durable.

  • Dial

The appearance of your watch’s dial powerfully influences the price of the used watch. 

  • Precious Metal

Does it have gold or diamond installed in it? If yes, you have nothing to worry about as regards the pricing. On another note, watches designed with plated metals are easy to spot when old. This in turn reduces their resale value. They become unattractive though they can be refurbished. 

  • The Case 

Lastly, the case! What interests most buyers is the metal that houses the watch’s components. This is why strong vintage watches are often priced high.

How Can I Sell A Broken Watch or Jewelry?

Do you know that you can sell your used watch and jewelry whether broken or not? 

If you made a mistake of throwing your broken watch or jewelry away in the past, stop it because you are missing out on a lot. It is true that when you don’t have the right information, you will always end up missing out on their benefits. Just because it is broken doesn’t mean it is not valuable. 

When a watch or jewelry is broken, it can be repaired and resold at a good price. The broken parts can either be replaced or repaired to make it whole again, thereby retaining its original value or slightly lesser. On another note, if it cannot be repaired, certain parts can prove useful in the repair of some other similar item. 

If you have broken watches or jewelry in your store or closet at home, bring them to Raymond Lee Jewelers or contact us here if you are faraway. 

Which Watch Brands or Jewelry Best Retain Their Value?

audemars piguet royal oak rubber

The brand with the highest resale value is Rolex. Unarguably, many people actually tend to buy used Rolex watches when they cannot afford the new one. They are durable and widely accepted as one of the best watch brands in the industry. 

So, if you have watch brands such as Rolex Presidential, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day-Date, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona, Rolex GMT-Master, Rolex Yachtmaster, Rolex Milgauss, Rolex Sky-Dweller, Rolex Sea-Dweller, and Rolex Deepsea watches, do not hesitate to enter a trading store today.

Other watch brands which we will like to buy include the following:

Other watch brands that do not appear on this list are also welcomed for thorough assessment and valuation.

Used Jewelry

For Jewelry, most vendors prefer to buy the ones with precious stones such as diamond, gold, or platinum or designers such as Tacori, Lashbrook, A. Jaffe, Benchmark, Crown Ring, Gabriel & Co. and so on. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a certified specialist that can dismantle your jewelry and determine the exact cost of your jewelry without stress or complication.

Where Can I Sell My Used Watch?

the rolex heavyweights

We can tag this article as a guide on how to sell your used watch and jewelry. Now that you understand what to consider when trying to sell your used watch and jewelry, how to sell a broken watch or jewelry and how to get a good price for your used watch and jewelry, what else? 

We don’t advise that you sell your used watch and jewelry just anywhere. You need to act wisely when handling situations like this by choosing the best and trusted vendor around. The only reputable expert we know in buying and selling used watches, golds, diamonds and jewelry is Raymond Lee.  

At Raymond Lee Jewelers in affiliation with Diamond By Raymond Lee, we offer accurate and fair prices for used watches and jewelry. Schedule an appointment if you are ready to sell your used watch and jewelry for money.  


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