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Top Reasons to Sell Jewelry

Top Reasons to Sell Jewelry

Jewelry always has value, no matter what the economy is doing- which is why it’s important to sell for the right reasons and at the right time. Here are a few reasons you might find it appropriate to sell some old jewelry.

The Jewelry No Longer Fits or Never Fit

Giving jewelry is a very personal gesture but so is the gift itself. Fingers and wrists come in many different sizes and whether a piece is purchased in the wrong size or is inherited and doesn’t fit because it was originally intended for someone else a person may wish to rid themselves of something they’ll never be able to wear.

The Jewelry is An Unwanted Reminder

Sadly, not all relationships work out. After a breakup both parties typically have gifts and mementos accumulated through the course of the relationship- once it’s over you probably don’t want to wear an engagement ring for a wedding that never happened or a tennis bracelet from a boyfriend who has moved on.

The Jewelry is Broken

The setting may break a jewel may come loose and it would cost too much to repair a piece. Not every piece of jewelry has sentimental value and to some it may be more worthwhile to get rid of a broken piece of jewelry. Many jewelers don’t care that a piece is broken because they plan to sell it based on the weight of the gold or silver.

To Make Some Money

There are other reasons to sell jewelry but they all boil down to the same main theme: putting money in your pocket. There might be different reasons why you feel you can part with old jewelry but the end result is the same. That’s why you should plan ahead and identify any old jewelry you want to get rid of before you find yourself in a financial bind- if you sell when you don’t need the money you can wait for the best price.

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