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All About the $700,000 iPad mini case

All About the $700,000 iPad mini case

Before we get into details of the eye popping case being offered by the Natural Sapphire Company, we need to share a few words about the Apple IPad Mini. They iPad Mini is the latest hot Apple creation that sold old in on-line pre-orders recently. The Mini is half the size of the original iPad, does virtually everything and more of the iPad, and is much more affordable at $329.

Now to the case. It is helpful to know that the Natural Sapphire Company, based in New York, is no stranger to expensive, extravagant cases. They previously introduced the world’s most expensive iPhone case, at a cool $100,000. Now, in the awkward position to have to out-do themselves, they apparently have done it. They have introduced the $700,000 iPad Mini case.

So what possibly could go into a case for a $300 device that is worth close to three-quarters of a million dollars? Let’s start with a case that is made out of 18 carat white gold. Add over 3,300 Ceylon Blue sapphires (almost 600 cts worth!), and polish it off with an Apple logo made up of 50 diamonds with a total carat weight of 5 carats.

The company will eve personalize your case with your initials should you choose. It is nice to know that The Natural Sapphire Company understands that our economy is still struggling by offering this little luxury in three easy payments of $233,000 each. No word if you have to order before midnight to get this easy payment plan.

One thing is for sure. They certainly know how to get publicity.

Photo courtesy of The Natural Sapphire Company.

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