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Rolex Datejust 126333 with Green Diamond Bezel

Rolex Datejust 126333 with Green Diamond Bezel

We all want to have an elegant and stylish appearance, and high-end accessories like a Rolex Datejust watch are a great way to get that look. The Datejust line of watches by Rolex is a timeless and elegant line of watches. It has long been a favorite of many discerning consumers and for good reason. This watch features classic design elements and the use of only the finest materials in the construction of the watch.

And the internal workings are just as high-quality as the outside design. Rolex is known for making a wide range of its own components, many of which include things like movements and other internal mechanisms. This is how Rolex has such cutting-edge, complex timepieces that are unlike anything you can find from any other high-end brand. In-house innovation is just another thing that sets the company apart from its competition.

So with a Rolex Datejust watch, what you get is a true blending of form and function. It is a cutting-edge and advanced watch that provides you with a durable, reliable timepiece. And, it also happens to look absolutely beautiful. This is one of the older lines that Rolex still makes and it continues to be popular for the timeless elegance of the watch design. All versions of the Datejust watch will have a few specific design features, but they will also have key differences. Here we are going to look at the Datejust 126333, in particular. 

Elegance Personified

rolex datejust green

When we think about the most elegant person we know, chances are what makes them such is their selection of clothing and the use of quality accessories. Many people underestimate the value of accessories in helping us create that look we are trying to achieve. Good accessories can really bring an outfit together and convey the specific look we are going for. They can enhance the look and feel of what we are wearing. And there isn’t much better than a high-end timepiece like a Rolex watch to achieve this look.

Watches give us that put-together look that we all crave. It makes our outfit look complete and as if we have taken effort in each and every detail of our look, We all want to make a great first impression, and having an elegant look is definitely a great way to achieve this. High-end timepieces make us look elegant and well-styled. It shows that we make an effort in putting together a complete look that will enhance the look and feel of the clothing and other accessories we have chosen. 

Too often, we think it is too difficult to achieve the look we are going for. The problem is, we make it a lot harder on ourselves than we need to. Well-fitting clothing that we pair with quality accessories is really all it takes to achieve that look. You really can’t go wrong with a versatile and elegant high-end timepiece like a Datejust watch. You’ll be surprised at how many different looks you can wear one of these watches with as well.

High-End Watches for Professionalism

In today’s cutthroat world of business, anything that can give us a bit of an edge over the competition is going to make a big difference. Often, it is small details like looking the part that can really impress potential clients and colleagues. There is just something about a high-end timepiece that makes us look serious and professional. So, it is a natural choice of accessory for the business person. 

Pair a Datejust watch with a well-fitting suit and you have a look of professionalism and elegance. With a simple accessory, we have that look of seriousness that we want in the business sphere. Not only does a high-end watch help you look the part, but it is also a functional accessory as well. Timeliness is incredibly important in the business world. You don’t want to be late and keep a potential client or colleague waiting. With a reliable watch like this, you will always be on time. 

For the serious business person who wants to make the best possible impression, the timepiece really is one of the best accessories you can choose. It combines form and function into a versatile and useful accessory. 

The Rolex Promise

Rolex has become the epitome of elegance, class, and style, for good reason. They have a long history of innovation. In the beginning, the company would work very closely with people who work in more extreme and demanding professions such as scientists, divers, aviators, and more. The idea was to create a timepiece that could withstand the rigors of these more extreme environments and still operate with efficiency and reliability. This is why so many Rolex watches are water-resistant, shock-resistant, and even resistant to magnetic fields and other unique conditions.

Rolex watches feature Swiss-born design, craftsmanship, and engineering. This means you get the peace of mind that the most capable and talented watchmakers in the world are making your watch. And only the finest materials feature in Rolex watches. The purest metals and the highest-quality gemstones are the only materials that will make the proverbial cut. Each watch is handmade to the highest standards of quality. This helps to ensure that you get a reliable and elegant timepiece that will stand the test of time. Rolex watches are known for being so reliable that you can pass them down through the generations and not only do they still retain their value, they still work great as well.  

The Datejust 126333

The first Datejust watch saw its introduction all the way back in 1945 and since then, it retains its popularity and elegance in design. All Datejust watches feature an automatic, self-winding movement. That means you will never have to wind the watch by hand to ensure it keeps accurate time.

The 126333 model of this watch is also called the Datejust 41. This refers to the 41 mm dial for the watch. This is larger than the traditional 36 mm watch. This gives the watch a chunkier and more masculine look and feel, without taking away from the subtle elegance of the piece.

This version of the Rolex Datejust tries to hearken back to the original version in many ways. It features classic stainless steel and yellow gold material. However, modern versions like this one use a Rolex-exclusive yellow Rolesor, which is yellow gold and stainless steel blend. 

The 126333 has the classic fluted bezel as well, which takes it back to the original design of this line of watches. Like all Datejust watches, this model features the date under at the 3 o’clock mark under a cyclops lens. 

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet) and is available with either an Oyster or Jubilee bracelet. This version of the watch features a Calibre 3235 movement, which is one of the most cutting-edge movements Rolex makes. 

You can find this version in a range of different options. There are different dial colors and some even feature extra accents. The model we review here has a rich, deep, green dial and high-grade diamond accents around the bezel of the watch. This gives the watch a punch of color. And extra bling just makes it all the more elegant.

Beautiful Accents

rolex datejust accents

The Datejust is a classic watch that has a look of simple elegance, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring either. The 126333 version of the watch has a few unique design elements that set it apart from other Datejust watches. This version has a lovely green dial. It is a deep, rich green that gives the watch a punch of stunning color. This is a great option for those who appreciate the classic design elements of the Datejust watch but want to add a little bit of a twist.

In addition to the green dial, this version of the watch also features diamond accent stones. These are high-grade diamonds that surround the dial of the watch. There are also tiny diamonds on the Roman numeral markers that mark the hours. This gives the watch an extra sparkle and shine that other models don’t have. The addition of high-grade diamonds takes this already elegant watch to a whole new level of glamour and style. Who doesn’t love diamonds? 

A diamond bezel and hour marker accents give this watch a bit of extra drama and glamour that make it the perfect choice for those who like timeless style with a bit of sparkle and shine.


When most of us think about high-end accessories, versatility generally isn’t something that we consider. Many pieces of high-end jewlery are really meant for a specific purpose like a formal event. You wouldn’t wear an ornate, triple-strand diamond necklace to the grocery store because it would look out of place. That doesn’t mean you don’t want special high-end accessories that you only bring out on a special occasion, it is just to note that these don’t tend to be the most versatile pieces. A high-end watch like the Rolex Datejust is an exception to that rule.

The watch is surprisingly versatile. It looks great with pretty much anything you could think to pair it with. A timepiece can easily move from day to night, formal to casual, and not look out of place. You can just as easily pair your Datejust with a formal suit as with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. There really aren’t any other accessories that can do this. Whatever you are wearing, you can take that look to a whole new level of class and style when you pair it with a high-end watch. They really do look great with pretty much anything. 

Timeless and Classic Design

Trends come and go, but there are some designs that just stand the test of time. Just think about a well-fitting suit or a little black dress. No matter what is in fashion, these looks will always be a great choice. There is just something about them that defies time, somehow. A classic, high-end watch is like this as well. The Datejust has classic and timeless design elements that make it a good accessory, regardless of the trends. 

In fact, it takes a discerning eye to really tell the difference between a brand new version and an older version. This is because the design elements are so classic and perfect that they don’t need any updating. It is those elements that make it timeless and give it its signature look and feel. That means, when you buy a Datejust watch by Rolex, you are getting a watch that will look great today and for many years to come. Just like that little black dress, a watch like this is always in fashion and as we note, looks great with pretty much anything you can think to pair it with. 

In Closing

A high-end accessory doesn’t have to be something you only wear on special occasions. A timepiece like the Rolex Datejust 126333 is an elegant and versatile accessory that looks great with a wide range of fashions. Unlike many high-end accessories, you can just as easily pair this watch with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as with a fine, well-fitting suit. It can easily move from day to night, formal to casual, with ease.

This version of the Datejust watch features all the elements that make this such a classic and timeless watch. However, this version has a punch of color and a bit of bling. This model features a rich green dial. It also has high-grade diamonds around the bezel of the watch. Tiny diamonds also accent the Roman numerals on the dial of the watch. This gives the watch a rich color as well as some sparkle and shine.

You’ll love how versatile this elegant timepiece is. It is a timepiece that features classic and timeless design elements with cutting-edge internal workings and the finest materials available. This versatile and gorgeous watch can easily become part of your signature look and is perfect for daily wear. 


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