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Why Classic Gents Love The Rolex Datejust Green Roman Watch?

Why Classic Gents Love The Rolex Datejust Green Roman Watch?

Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch

Have you had a conversation about Rolex with any classic gentleman that loves wristwatches? There is a high likelihood that you’ll get entertained with tales of rare vintage timepieces like the Daytonas. Also, you will likely get treated to a recipe of praises of the high-tech, bi-color Cerachrom bezels on the most recent GMT timepiece. No one mentions the Rolex Datejust green Roman watch.

However, a few collectors and watch lovers will instantly jump to speaking of the Rolex Datejust. And when it happens, it might be a mistake. 

Truly, the Datejust generally is one of the most understated elements of the Rolex lineup. The Datejust certainly deserves more than the very few mentions it gets. This Rolex model presents a remarkable mixture of amazing perks that makes it stand out. Some of them are: 

  • Its embodiment of true history
  • Its flexible fashion and layout, and 
  • Being a good display of enviable quality watchmaking 

All of these features should get every watch lover from the casual watch wearer to the die-hard enthusiast thrilled. In this article, we begin by taking the modern 36mm Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch for a spin. Beyond that, we provide such an in-depth look that makes you as a classic gentleman see what other classic gents love about this timepiece. 

Rolex Datejust Collection: An Embodiment Of True History

Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch

The history of Datejust is certainly not one to be summarized under a few paragraphs. The history of this Datejust collection is too extensive to be given in one section of any article. Well, we can do well to run you through a few examples of outstanding Datejusts through history.

Rolex Datejust with true history

These Datejust timepieces exemplify just how significant this watch is to the history of the watchmaking industry. Over time, the Rolex Datejust timepiece continues to sit pretty as an essential part of popular culture.

As history reveals to us, the Day-Date enjoys more of the attention when we consider its famous wearers. Little wonder its bracelet got the name “The President.” Well, more than a few stars rocked Rolex Datejust as well. 

In 2014, the then President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower showed off his Datejust timepiece. He donned the solid gold ref. 6305 on the cover of Life magazine. That moved the timepiece zero to a hundred in the pop-culture watch narrative.

The Rolex Datejust Green Roman Watch For The Classic Gents

Now, to the main subject of this review, the Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch!

This is the standard 36mm Datejust of today. This variety of the Datejust is dominantly available in the ref. 116200 (116234 in this configuration). Here you have the contemporary descendants of the classic DJs of the 1950s. Alongside the green Roman dial, you can have literally dozens of practical blends of metals, bracelets, and so on. 

For us, we chose the Datejust Roman wristwatch being the best combination of all a classic gentleman needs. It gives you the classic, historical qualities integrated into a few contemporary updates that provide effortless wear.

The Size, Case, and Crown Of The Rolex Datejust Green Roman Watch

To begin with, the Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch we have here comes in the classic 36mm size. This is not the 41mm Datejust II type. Before you say that the 36mm is too small, it is simply the perfect size. 

Thanks to the size of this Datejust Roman wristwatch, you enjoy the privileges of a portable and more vintage-looking timepiece. More so, it comes with all the upsides modern technology has to offer. 

Additionally, this Datejust Roman wrist watch comes in a stainless steel case. The watchmaker (Rolex) opts for a 904L steel. This steel is a low-carbon alloy that delivers better resistance to damage and corrosion. 

However, this case type comes at a cost. The 904L steel is much harder to machine. So, in the early 2000s, Rolex needed to finance modern infrastructure to enable them to find a way around the alloy. Presently, we can say that this investment paid off multiple times over. At the least, the Oyster case is resistant to 100m (330ft) of water level 

Then, there is the patented Twinlock screw-down crown. This crown is quite simple to fasten and unscrew. Yet, when locked down what you get is quite a resounding feeling of security.

Equipped With The Rolex Oyster And The Two-Tone Bracelets For A Classic Sporty Feel

Furthermore, the Rolex Datejust Roman wristwatch comes equipped with either the Two-Tone bracelet or the Oyster bracelet. These bracelet choices are of course the most classic options to go with such a timepiece.

You can wear these bracelets everyday as well as to special occasions. The Oyster bracelet provides the watch with a sporty edge that enables it to fit into virtually any environment. Then, there are the iconic and distinct Two-Tone bracelets to add glam. 

Additionally, we can categorize Rolex bracelets as one of the most elegant out there. We might as well get audacious to call them the best. Actually, it’s understandable and it takes little effort to see why these bracelets are outstanding. 

Check out the heavy and sturdy links that run through the bracelets. These connections and sight are nothing distant to the other thin-but-charming folded links type. You will find this type mostly on the vintage Rolex timepieces. For this Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch, you get the latter and the sweetness it offers. 

Moreover, the clasp is a stunning piece of engineering. More so, the Oysterclasp utilizes a tiny lever to open and close. That way, it becomes practically impossible for the bracelet to pop open accidentally when worn and fastened. Finally, there is a micro-adjustment mechanism. This mechanism allows you the liberty to fine-tune the fit.

To balance this out, we opted for the popular fluted white gold bezel. This comes in place of the more quiet and contemporary flat bezel.

Green Roman Dial With Radiant Hands And Batons

Finally, we are at the heart of the uniqueness this timepiece enjoys over other varieties of the Datejust watches. Among all the dial options, the Green Roman dial stands out for the class gents’ style. This choice is another way the watchmaker strives to grasp the spirit of the classic Datejusts.

Rolex Datejust Roman wristwatch with a distinct dial

Besides, the choice of the green Roman dial color with modest stick markers and hands is trademark classic gentleman style. Moreover, the hour markers are radiant, as are the hands, and the delicate texture on the dial. This is almost indistinguishable from the twin version found on 1960s Datejusts. 

In addition, there is a cyclops crystal that intensifies the date set at the 3 o’clock position. This feature is one you can find on all modern Datejusts cutting through the two ranges.

Engineered By The Caliber 3135 Movement

The Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch clearly takes a lot from its forebears. These trends us not exclusive to this timepiece. In fact, every Rolex model takes a scoop off their forebears as well. This timepiece comes with a make-up that ranks high up there with other extremely lofty modern standards. 

Specifically, within the timepiece is the caliber 3135 movements. This movement has been at the heart of Rolex’s arsenal since 1988. The movement is a COSC-certified chronometer automatic movement. It is furnished with about 50 hours of power reserve coupled with over 30 jewels. 

More so, the balance incorporates a proprietary Parachrom hairspring that is better protected from shocks. Plus, it is magnetic. Moreover, knowing that this timepiece is manufactured completely in-house raises it to another impressive level. 

Furthermore, the caliber is pleasingly, if not ornately finished. Again, it’s as robust and functional a movement as these movements come. This caliber might only be over 25 years old. Yet, it remains a caliber to be reckoned with when considering how well it delivers. 

Overall, it is worthy of note that this timepiece contains all the tiny elements that distinguish a modern Rolex timepiece. These features make the Rolex Datejust Roman wristwatch distinct from practically any other watch out there. 

Check out the layout from top to bottom. What you see is nothing but an outstanding and stunning timepiece on paper and your wrist. The Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch is a different timepiece with elegance and several extras.

Why Is The Datejust Roman Wristwatch Loved By Classic Gents? Its Retro, Legible, And Sleek Dial

In many ways, the dial of the Datejust Roman wristwatch knocks the roof off for this timepiece. The dial is about as legible as these dials can get. Whether you are in light or dark environments, it stays legible.

Plus, the patterns and stones add the ideal texture the dial needs. The blend makes it such a sight, you just want to keep looking at it. The dial is in no way loud or flashy. Yet, it makes a statement over and over again. 

Rolex Datejust green Roman watch for the classic gents

As for the printing, thanks to the stones, they are inky and legible. While the applied markers and coronet come in purely fixed to the dial. It is fixed with such a level of precision that rationalizes why many classic gents love this timepiece. You will believe if you are told machines handled that.

Again, the proportions of the markers, hands, and dial come in delicately steadied. You have every part matching flawlessly with the other parts. This design and layout is truly an ideal example of a simple yet classic design. That explains why it is beloved amongst classic gents.

Drawbacks And General Perks

The biggest disapproval you might have is one most vintage fans can relate. This is about polished links featured on the bracelet while older Oyster bracelets were brushed all through. This is a suitable finish for a tool watch bracelet. The tool watch bracelets, in this case, are the modern Oysters. 

Using the Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch will always be a great experience. Even for watch owners that own multiple watches and enjoy rotating them, this watch still fits in faultlessly. It is a perfect choice for different conditions and occasions. 

As for others in the same state, the Datejust Roman wristwatch could easily find a place in your collection. You’ll certainly find several days when you will get it on as it works well for both casual and dressier outings. It is an ideal choice to rock to a bar with friends on a casual evening outing. It rids you of the stress of swapping.

Nevertheless, the Rolex Datejust Green Roman watch really works for people who wear the same watch every day. This fact stands in every situation. Most classic gents are not fans of acquiring a collection of different watches for separate outings.

Overall, the Rolex Datejust green Roman watch is a timepiece that gives you that dignified aura when you wear it anywhere and any time. For men’s wristwatches, it doesn’t get much better than that being the everyday watch it is. Now you understand why the two-tone Datejust Roman wristwatch is Rolex’s best seller and a favorite among classic gents


As a classic gentleman, the 36mm Datejust Roman watch is a remarkable timepiece. This wristwatch satisfactorily bridges the gap between vintage and contemporary. Rolex Datejust green Roman watch carries over most of the things we like about vintage Rolex. Simultaneously, it offers the comforts of a modern Rolex for its wearers.  

There is an outstanding radiant and colorful dial with all the parts that contribute to its overall sleekness. Then, you enjoy a movement equipped enough to deliver top-notch quality to wearers always. As for the bracelets, size, case, and crown, there is so much to be excited about.

Here, you have a watch that reminisces the timepieces of the mid-20th century without being a tribute to these times. It certainly does not enjoy the fame it deserves. Yet, it stands tall as a trademark for gentlemen with class!


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