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Luxury vintage Rolex watch with aftermarket Stella dials

Luxury vintage Rolex watch with aftermarket Stella dials

vintage Rolex watch with aftermarket Stella dials

Introduced at the Basel Fair in 1956, the Luxury vintage Rolex watch came into existence as one of Rolex’s flagship models. Even as it’s available in precious metals. The newly developed President bracelet also comes with this vintage Rolex watch. More so, the Day-Date is the watch you’d expect to see on heads of state and celebrities.

Although Rolex manufactures them in large numbers it still remains a highly covetable object. Not only by collectors but by just about anyone who can afford one, it is a status symbol you can wear on your wrist. What makes Day-Date models truly stand out are their Stella dials. With different dial versions Rolex created collections within this Luxury vintage Rolex watch collection. Early dials could be gilt, honeycomb-patterned, dials with special finishing or extraordinary indexes. 

Brief Background of the Luxury vintage Rolex watch

luxury vintage rolex

The early 1960s also saw the creation of ostentatious diamond dials. And examples with Eastern Arabic numerals made for wealthy Middle Eastern clients. Hard stones such as Opal, Jasper, Bloodstone, Lapis, and Onyx. Also, rarer stones like Ammonite, Coral, and even Petrified Fossil were part of the materials that dial was made from.

Rolex pushed the envelope in the 1970s & ’80s by introducing hard enamel dials known as Stella dials. These enamel watch faces came in a riot of colors, tones you wouldn’t expect to see on a Rolex. Interestingly, ‘Stella’ is not a nickname. invented by collectors or auction houses. Just like in the case of the ‘Killy’ or ‘Patrizzi’ or the now famous ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona. The brand used the term ‘Lacquered Stella’ in their catalogs in the 1970s.

These lacquered enamel dials had a high gloss surface. There are two reasons why similar colored dials can look very different today. The first is that it could be because the color faded over time. Secondly, because of the quality of enamel used during production. The enamel of each dial was mixed separately by hand and applied in layers. The Stella colors are oxblood, red, orange, and blue. It’s also in green, turquoise, peach, salmon, pink, yellow, and purple with the latter being the rarest. The rarities of the colors in the above order also determine their value. Oxblood dials are frequently seen as opposed to purple which often prove to be elusive.

Other Facts in History

Stella dials came into the limelight specially for the Luxury vintage Rolex watch. Including the Middle East and Asia but found their way to other regions as well. The irony is that Stella models weren’t popular during the time Rolex produced them. Back then clients wanted conservative Stella dials on a Rolex like white, silver, and black. Whilst Stella models sat ignored in display cases. In some cases, some other type of dial replaced Stella dials. Rolex allegedly destroyed batches of Stella dials as they were unsellable, one reason why they are so rare today.

Stella dials is not for Day-Dates alone but also for a very small number of Datejust references. This rare Datejust‘4 digit’ reference numbers featured Pie Pan-shaped dials with an angled outer ring. Also fitted with Plexiglas crystals and non-quickset movements. The later examples had flat dials.

The rarity of Stella models is not only in the color, but also in the material they came from. A yellow gold Day-Date would have yellow gold applied indexes and crown on the dial whereas a pink gold watch has pink gold ones. The dials with white gold appliqués came with white gold and platinum watches. Another factor is the print on the dial which varies with the metal they came from.

The Rolex Stella Dial was Here Before

Rolex with Stella dials

While Rolex fans, by and large, declared its 2020 new releases as not much of a surprise. After all, a bigger Submariner with movement upgrades was predicted by many. However a series of five brightly colored dial variations of the Oyster Perpetual 36 model did catch even the most experienced Rolex observers off guard. 

Our team didn’t expect these either, but the pink, orange, yellow, green and blue made us smile for sure. To answer the age-old question, “Would you rock those?”

A solid handful of readers of popular watch sites tried to poke fun at these new releases, writing comments like: “Definitely a very ‘Apple’ thing to do; have your entry model in a range of funky colors. 

Of course the Everest Journal team looked back into the Rolex catalog to reexamine the bright enamel dials of the Rolex Stella line, done mostly in the Day-Date model debuting in 1956. These came in precious metals. Sometimes diamond encrusted, and is considered collectable nowadays. 

The Stella dials include oxblood, red, orange, blue, green, turquoise, peach, salmon, pink, yellow, and purple. These models were not as popular as the more conservative variants of the Day-Date. There is a rumor that Rolex even destroyed batches of Stella dials because they weren’t selling.

So like many collectable objects, what was unpopular during its contemporary existence later on took on a new status as rare and desirable. So owners of the contemporary Air-King take note, your reference 116900 will likely become one of the most sought-after models in the near future in spite of it not being well received in comparison to the more conventional wildly popular steel sport models.

Our advice, if you are drawn to these new Luxury vintage Rolex watches, do what you can to buy one. The green version may be the most versatile as a darker color, but we’re all in with the pink dial. The Tiffany blue version is also sublime and will probably be the most sought after given its resemblance to one of the most well-known luxury brand signifiers in the world.

Take Note:

As a bonus, this new Luxury vintage Rolex watch comes with an upgraded 3132 movement with a Chronergy escapement, 70-hour power reserve, better protection against shock and magnetism. The reference 124300 retails above $5k, thus placing it firmly in place as one of the top, if not the top, bang-for-your-buck modern Rolex watches.

Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch 

The thing about Rolex is that it has an incredibly vast price range. If you are eyeing on this luxury brand, then. The Luxury vintage Rolex watch model often has a higher price than a pre-owned one from the current generation. Whether you wish to invest in a pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch or add something new to your collection, it pays to understand the elements that determine a used model’s price. Here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we will give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know. So, keep reading. 


The general condition of pre-owned luxury watches is the key determinant of its value. By evaluating the functionality and aesthetics of a Rolex in Boca Raton, a dealer can provide a proper price for the timepiece at a fair market value. The better its condition, the higher its price will be. However, if you are dealing with vintage references, signs of age such as patina, ghost bezels, and tropical dials can boost the timepiece’s value.

Values your money

If the pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch is in excellent condition, it means you got the best deal. Buying a pre-owned luxury watch gives you the opportunity to get the most for your dollar. You can afford to buy high quality and pricey watches at an affordable price with the same quality as a brand new.

Avoid product depreciation

Another advantage of buying a pre-loved Luxury vintage Rolex watch is you can avoid product depreciation. The value of a brand-new item depreciates as soon as we take it out from the store. The cost of depreciation depends on the model, resale value, and brand of the watch.

Increase in appreciation value

Aside from avoiding the depreciation value, there is a high chance of increasing the appreciation value of pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watches. Thus, you can still get profit from it in case you plan to resale it. You can also pass it down to your family member as an heirloom piece.

Authenticity and Features

There’s a clear distinction between a genuine Luxury vintage Rolex watch and a circa-correct Rolex, and this can massively affect the brand’s price range for a certain used model. So, what are the differences?

Well, a genuine Rolex watch consists of components that are entirely made by the brand. And that means it doesn’t come with custom or aftermarket additions whatsoever. However, keep in mind that a Rolex can be 100% genuine without being circa-correct. When certain parts require replacement, the Swiss watchmaker usually replaces them with the latest compatible versions for that model. These replacement components are authentic and superior in quality. However, later-era replacement components on collectable vintage watches can sometimes diminish massively from the timepiece’s value.

Buying a pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch gives you the opportunity to have more options to select. You can find distinctive styles manufactured many years ago. You will notice the vintage glamour and style. Wearing such a luxury watch will make you stand out from the crowd.

Reference Number and Model

Some pre-owned luxury watches are more famous or collectable than others. Take a vintage Submariner, for example. Most likely, this is going to have a higher price than a vintage Datejust. Well, that’s because there were more Datejust timepieces sold over the years.

When determining the price of a used Luxury vintage Rolex watch, it is also imperative to consider its reference number. That’s because there can be huge and significant discrepancies between them that can increase or decrease the price.

Box and Papers

We’re telling you—this is not always a big deal, as several pre-owned Rolex watches for sale come without the paper or original box. However, for certain Luxury vintage Rolex watch models, the inclusion of their papers and box can drastically boost their value as collectables. Most of the time, these were lost or separated from their accompanying timepieces over the years. Therefore, finding a certified pre owned luxury watch is a must. 

Origin and Rarity

A used luxury watch’s model and reference number are huge factors that determine the rarity of a Rolex, which, in turn, influences its price. For instance, if a certain model belonged to a royalty, a celebrity, or a renowned individual, it gives the timepiece a serious provenance. As a result, it also massively upsurges its resale value. Likewise, if a Luxury vintage Rolex watch features the Stella dial, a factory defect, or other atypical features, its rarity factor increases. As a result, it becomes more valuable to collectors.

Quality Assured

We know that Luxury vintage Rolex watches are high-quality. They are crafted and designed ensuring to integrate even the minute details. The parts are also high quality, making the timepiece durable to last for many years. But make sure to check and appraise the pre-owned luxury watch before purchasing it, including the original box and papers.

Market Value

All the factors above come into play when determining the price of a pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch. However, the secondary market also influences its price similar to a stock market. Diamonds by Raymond employs the same open market system, which enables us to buy and sell used luxury watches at the best and most fair market value online. 

However, since the demand for the Luxury vintage Rolex watch outweighs the supply. The multi-year waiting lists for most of the brand’s top models exist worldwide. This strong demand in the market is able to drive the market value for certain models above their original retail prices. Sought-after models such as the stainless steel Daytona can be sold for twice the value you purchased it for.

Final Thoughts

The advantage of buying a pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch is you become part of its history. We know that such an item is expensive, thus endows an enormous responsibility to handle it with care. Anyone who owned the piece becomes part of its legacy and history. It is also a wise investment. Aside from having a stylish accent to your wardrobe, it is an investment that will increase value. If you think of selling a luxury watch at a later time, choose an item that will give you a good profit.

It is difficult to find the best deal on a pre-owned Luxury vintage Rolex watch. For anyone who does not have an idea of what to look for, it can be intimidating. It makes sense to seek help from experts who can assist you in doing your search. It is essential to be knowledgeable about the Luxury vintage Rolex watch.


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