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Watch of the Week: Vintage Rolex Super President 18048

This week’s watch is jaw dropping. The Vintage Rolex Super Presidential 18048, affectionately referred to as the Super Prez by watch aficionados, makes a big statement. This vintage model Day Date would be special enough with a 5 million serial, but some added diamonds take it to the next level.

The Super President we just brought in is crafted in 18kt yellow gold and accented by after-market diamonds on pretty much any available surface of the watch. A black enamel face gets a hefty sprinkling of pave around the inner edge, leaving just enough un-iced area for analog numbers, day and date windows.

Beyond the diamonds on the watch face, the Super President also features a diamond baguette dial, diamond lugs, and continuing with the theme, a diamond studded bracelet. Rounds line the bracelet’s edges with baguettes studding the links.

So, just how many carats does it take to ice out a Rolex Day Date Presidential? In this case, 15 ctw! And despite a 5 million serial number, the watch’s price is pleasantly much lower at $39,995.

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