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The Diverse Range of Diamond Rolex Datejust Watches

The Diverse Range of Diamond Rolex Datejust Watches

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If you love Rolex and luxury gem-set timepieces, Diamond Datejust watches will speak to you like no other. Let’s have a look at the diverse range of Diamond Datejust watches and learn every there is to know about them. 

We are including various Datejust models in this feature, so that means Datejust, Datejust II, Datejust 36, and Datejust 41 watches, all adorned with stunning diamonds of the highest quality. Moreover, we are going to present both factory set diamond Rolex Datejust watches and aftermarket diamond Datejust watches, made by our expert jewelers at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

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Rolex is the master of diamond set watches. They use only the most stunning gemstones for their timepieces and they have the best gemologists and gem-setters in the world. The gemologists are in charge of inspecting and selecting the finest gemstones while the gem-setters are responsible for fixing and adorning the watches. Rolex has extraordinarily stringent quality criteria, so both jobs are vital. Every watch must employ excellent grade diamonds and each stone must be set perfectly for optimum beauty and sparkle. 

Diamond Datejusts

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When it comes to diamond Rolex watches, the Datejust is definitely top of mind. From the Rolex Datejust 36 to the Datejust II to the Rolex Pearlmaster, every model in the Datejust line has diamond-set versions. 

Why Diamonds look great in a Datejust

Although the Datejust is an everyday timepiece, they are dress watches by nature. So, the style of Datejust watches makes them perfect for diamonds. 

Rolex Datejust Diamond Settings:

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There are various diamond settings for Rolex Datejust. From a subtle touch of diamonds to completely iced out, Datejust watches run the gamut. 

Let’s go over each different diamond settings to see which style you like best.

Diamond Hour Markers

Diamond hour markers offer a delicate sparkle for your Datejust. With diamond hour markers, you can add depth and personality to the watch.

Now, you might think of diamond hour markers as being pretty straightforward. However, there are various options. In fact, there are around a thousand different types of appliqués. 

You can find Datejust watches with geometrically shaped diamond hour markers, pavé diamond Arabic Numerals, and pavé diamond Roman numerals, just to name a few. Moreover, it’s not just diamonds that shimmer on Datejusts, precious gems like sapphires can be featured too.

As with everything on a Rolex Datejust, the diverse range of appliqués are all made from precious materials. So, your diamonds are set in 18K white, yellow or pink gold. 

If you love diamonds but you want an understated look, a Datejust appliquéd with diamond indices is a flawless choice. 

diamond hour markers
This stainless steel Rolex 116234 Datejust has a sultry blue dial with factory set diamond hour markers. It is a great example of how diamond appliqués can make the watch incredibly graceful and sophisticated.

Pavé Diamond Dial

The dial is the “face” of a watch, so as with people, it is one of the first things you notice. When diamonds cover a Rolex Datejust’s dial, it creates an orchestra of sparkle that captivates the wearer and everyone around.

To create such a magical and enchanting diamond dial, Rolex’s gem-setters carefully carve the precious metal by hand to create a small pocket for the diamond to sit in. It is done with absolute precision, so the diamond can rest in the watch eternally and sparkle with all its might.

So, if you love to shine, a diamond paved dial is the obvious choice. 

Diamond Bezel

A diamond bezel is like the crown of a king or queen. It’s the quintessential diamond appearance of a Rolex Datejust. All the diamonds of a Rolex factory set bezel are at least IF in clarity, which means they are internally flawless and you’d need a magnification over 10 times to see any issue with the diamonds. Moreover, they are also D to G in color. D is the highest color grade, so any diamond in the range of D to G means they a nearly colorless.

Rolex 116188 Datejust 18K Yellow Gold MOP Diamond Dial Watch

mother of pearl watch
Here we have a jaw-dropping Rolex 116188 Datejust with a factory set diamond bezel and a Mother of Pearl dial with diamond indices. The case is crafted from 18K yellow gold and the strap is made from white alligator leather, and is also factory made by Rolex. The white on yellow gold provides an arresting appearance. This an elegant timepiece that will take any outfit to the next level.
What is a Mother of Pearl Dial?

A Mother of Pearl dial is the ultimate example of luxury. The dial is made from the outer coating of a pearl, hence its name. Mother of Pearl dials are one of the hottest kinds of dial in the game, and no one does MOP better than Rolex. It is an extremely sought after design. Moreover, it takes incredible workmanship to craft a dial from the coating of pearls. This is why Mother of Pearl watches are quite expensive. 

Diamond Case and Bracelet

The final option is a Rolex Datejust with its bracelet and case completely covered in diamonds. This requires incredible craftsmanship and countless diamonds to achieve. 

What’s more, there’s not just one style to choose from. Across the entire range of Rolex Datejust models, there are various diamond setting designs. Some cases and bracelets use a consistent setting of small round diamonds while other exclusive models use step cut diamonds or a mix of round brilliant diamonds of different sizes. This gives the watch beautiful contrast. No matter what you choose, you will be getting a wonderfully extravagant look when it comes to completely iced out cases and bracelets.

All that said, this is going to be a pricey option, for both the labor and the flawless diamonds utilized.

Multiple Diamond Settings

Of course, you have the choice of getting multiple diamond settings or all of the above when it comes to Rolex Datejust watches.

A classic choice is a Diamond Bezel with Diamond Hour Markers. 

Rolex 116334 Datejust II Stainless Steel Black Roman Dial Watch

factory set datejust
As you can see with this Rolex 116334 Datejust II, a diamond bezel (3 carats total) with diamond appliqués looks fantastic. It provides the best of both words. You have a low-key-ish everyday dress watch with a consummate amount of diamond shine.

For those who love the diamond flooded look, Datejusts with diamond cases, bracelets, bezels and dials are available. This is an extremely popular choice for rappers and professional athletes. If you have a confident flamboyant style, a fully diamond covered Datejust is unequivocally breathtaking…and you will surely stand out from the rest. 

Rolex 116300 Datejust II Stainless Steel Red Diamond Dial Watch

iced out datejust
This is one of our favorite fully flooded aftermarket diamond Rolex Datejust watches. It is a Rolex 116300 Datejust II stainless steel watch with excellent cut round brilliant diamonds covering every millimeter of space on the bezel, case and bracelet. The dial is left in its original state as the red face offers an exclusive and distinctive appearance, especially when juxtaposed next to all the white diamonds. It pops in such an amazing manner. Then for the perfect finishing touch, this iced out Datejust has diamond Roman numerals. Wearing this watch will put you in a league of your own. It’s a showstopper that people won’t be able to take their eyes off. 

Rolex Factory Set Diamonds vs Aftermarket Diamonds

Not all Diamond Datejust watches were set by Rolex themselves. You will find many aftermarket diamond Datejust watches on the secondhand market.

Aftermarket Diamond settings are done by jewelers with no affiliation with Rolex or authorized retailers who have in-house gem-setters. As long as you choose a reputable jeweler, you can create the perfect aftermarket diamond Datejust exactly to your liking. However, it will cost thousands of dollars less than a factory set diamond Rolex.

Now, it should be noted that aftermarket diamond Rolex watches are not only less costly, they also have a lower resale value compared to factory set diamond Rolex watches. So, if you plan to resell your watch someday, this is something you need to consider. 

Diamonds By Raymond Lee Aftermarket Datejust Customizations

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we’ve been customizing Rolex watches with Aftermarket Diamonds for clients for decades. We use only the finest diamonds and our in-house jewelers have the skills of the master gem-setters at Rolex themselves. So, our work is just as good, and so are our diamonds, but it costs significantly less. If you have a plain Datejust that you want to add diamonds to, there is no better aftermarket customization service than Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

By choosing to go with an aftermarket customization, you can create extremely unique designs like this one…

Rolex 116200 Datejust Diamond Bezel And Diamond Zebra Dial Stainless Steel Watch
zebra dial rolex
This is an exemplary aftermarket diamond Rolex 116200 Datejust 36mm. It features a Zebra dial, which has a smooth black background and stripes of striking white diamonds set in white gold. The hour markers and bezel are also set with diamonds. So, the face of this watch completely sucks you in, enrapturing you like a real life zebra would.

Here is the perfect example of a subtle yet stunning diamond Datejust…

Rolex 116300 Datejust 41MM Diamond Red Roman Dial Stainless Steel Watch
rolex datejust red dial with diamond roman numerals
This Rolex 11630 Datejust 41 features a gorgeous red dial with aftermarket diamond Roman numerals. The face of this watch is surely at the center of attention. It pops with beautiful contrast as it is surrounded by a stainless steel bezel, case and bracelet. What’s more, the color red provides a unique and emotionally intense appearance. Red represents energy, strength and power, so this watch is perfect for a man or woman with a strong personality. 

Who are Diamond Datejust watches good for?

Everyone! A Datejust with diamonds proves that diamonds can be a man’s best friend too! 

What it really comes down to is does the watch speak to you? If you love it, buy it. And if you can afford it, flaunt it! A Diamond Datejust is an obvious representation of “spending power” and who doesn’t like to show off a little bit.

All in all, Rolex is a brand to be proud of. It’s been an iconic brand for over half a century. A Diamond Datejust takes the already impressive status symbol and turns the knob up to eleven. If that sounds like something you appreciate, then a Diamond Datejust is for you.

When is an appropriate to wear a Diamond Datejust?

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Some people, especially men, are hesitant on buying a diamond watch because they are concerned about when or where they can wear it. Well, here’s the thing, a diamond Datejust can be worn every single day. They are made to be worn daily! Even the most blinged out diamond Datejust.

That’s the great thing about a diamond Datejust, they are not only versatile in design, they are also versatile in use. So, you can wear your diamond Datejust to work, to a casual lunch, to a fancy party, and everywhere else in between. However, we do recommend that you take it off for high impact activities. Also, it may not be appropriate to wear on a hike, walking the dog, or swimming (even though it is waterproof). Besides that though, a diamond Datejust is a watch you can throw on anytime without concern. 

How much is a Diamond Datejust?

For a brand new Diamond Datejust, you are looking at anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+. It really depends on the model and the diamond setting. 

For the secondhand market, you can find used Diamond Datejust watches for a few thousand dollars and there really is no limit on the high end, as it depends what people will pay. We’ve seen people sell their Diamond Datejust watches for exorbitant prices. This is because Rolex has an incredible resale value. Many Rolex watches appreciate in value over time.

Have a look at our collections of pre-owned Rolex Datejust Diamond Watches to see pricing and all the models and references we have available. 

blinged out rolex datejust watches

Diamond Datejust Watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a Rolex in person. So, come in to our state-of-the-art showroom to try them on and see the masterful craftsmanship of a diamond Rolex Datejust firsthand.

Diamond Datejust watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Diamond Datejust watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers 


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