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Our Second Annual Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show is Coming Soon!

Our Second Annual Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show is Coming Soon!

toy drive boca raton

This December, Diamonds and Donuts Car Show is back with our second Toy Drive for the kids of Broward County! There will be exotics, imports, classics, and American-made cars of all makes and models. And most importantly, there will be donations of TOYS for children of all ages, ready to be delivered before Christmas. 

car show toy drive florida

This toy drive event is benefiting The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. So we ask that everyone participates by showing up with at least one toy, but the more the merrier. Be generous! This is the time to show your love for the kids of Broward County. After all, it’s Christmas!

When is it? Where is it?

Our Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive car meet will take place on Sunday, December 15th, during our normal car show hours of 9am to 2pm.

As always, it is at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.


We will kick off the car show with donuts, coffee and an exhibition of the hottest cars in South Florida. Then, at noon, there will be a charity BBQ, an early afternoon party, and more cars!

We will have a live DJ, jewelry giveaway, and an abundance of holiday spirit. The party will continue throughout the early afternoon, ending around 2pm. So, get there early!

This Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive car show is going to be epic. You definitely won’t want to miss it!

Read on to learn more about our Toy Drive for Broward County, the types of cars you will discover at Diamonds and Donuts, and how you and your car can join the show. 

diamonds and donuts Christmas
What is a toy drive?

A toy drive is a charity event during the holiday season that collects toys and money which are to be distributed to those in need. The basic principle of a toy drive is that all kids deserve a gift during the holiday season. So, those who are less fortunate receive presents from Toy Drive efforts.

Toy Drives usually have certain goals that the organizers attempt to achieve. Entire communities get involved in reaching the goal. From local residents to police departments, fire departments, and schools, everyone who has the means participates to supports the cause.

One of the most vital and prominent toy drives in the USA is Toys For Tots, which is organized and operated by the United States Marine Corps.

At a community level, there are countless Toy Drives, and it really makes a big difference to all the disadvantaged kids across America. 

Here in Broward County, Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive has proven to be very successful.

Boca Raton toy drive


The mission of our benevolent toy drive is to be able to provide at least one gift to every kid of the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County before Christmas.

Our hope is that by doing so, we can help take away some of the burden that many underprivileged families feel during the holiday season. We want to put big smiles on the Boys and Girls Club’s kids faces and make their holiday special with awesome toys that they love. All kids deserve the secular magic of Christmas, and we simply want to play a role in making that happen. Ultimately, the best part of Christmas is “giving”, and seeing the excitement of kids as they open their presents.

To achieve our Toy Drive mission, we put our popular car show Diamonds and Donuts to the test. We are asking everyone who attends our Diamonds and Donuts car show this December to donate at least one gift to our Toy Drive.


Last year was our first Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show and it was a big victory for our team and the entire community. 

Let’s have a quick flashback of our toy drive from last year…

Boca Raton toy drive
Here’s a snakeskin green Dodge Viper ACR that showed up to Diamonds and Donuts with its entire trunk full of toys.
toy drive south florida 2019
Before the Diamonds and Donuts car event, @sarachristine____ went to target and loaded up on toys. She is holding a $1,500 receipt. She’s super generous! Who thinks they can out do Sara this year? 😉
Boca Raton car show
And this is how Sara turned up to the car show. Her hemi-powered 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible was literally overflowing with toys.
best Florida car show
Toys of all sizes were brought to our Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show last year.
Toy drive car show
This was what we collected during the morning of the Toy Drive Car Show.
2019 toy drive Boca Raton
And this is the aftermath of the Toy Drive donations from last year. Our stockroom was teeming with toys.

So, after the Car Show Toy Drive concluded, we were left with a stockpile of toys, ready to be distributed to the kids of Broward County.

See the full recap of last years Diamonds and Donuts Car Show Toy Drive.

Santa Lee’s Armored Sleigh

The following week, we loaded up our Christmas-adorned Armored Sleigh, and delivered the toys to the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County and Boca Raton.

boys and girls club toy drive Broward county
Our Armored Sleigh adorned appropriately for the task at hand, delivering toys for the holiday season.

The Boys and Girls Club

Diamonds by Raymond Lee toy drive
We backed in to the Boy and Girls Club…
Broward county toy drive 2019
…and the kids came running!
broward county Christmas charity
Santa Lee and his helper Mr. Co passing out toys to the kids.
The kids were so polite. Patiently waiting in queue for their turn to receive a toy.
boys and girls club Broward county Christmas
Here’s a group pic of the kids and their toys. We can’t wait to repeat this next month!

See the full recap of our Toy Drive delivery.


Of course, there will be a profusion of cars of all makes and models.

Diamonds and Donuts is coming on its 3rd anniversary (with dozens of cars shows in the books), and at this point, we are one of the best recurring car shows in South Florida. Diamonds and Donuts sees top-of-the-range sports cars and exotics from all the best car companies across the world. Most everyone in South Florida who owns an impressive car wants to make an appearance at Diamonds and Donuts. And all of the car fanatics in the area consider Diamonds and Donuts the go-to car show to satisfy their car needs. It’s such a good time that people come back month after month to see their favorite cars and new cars that just hit the streets. 

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the big ballers of South Florida who have taken a strong interest in Diamonds and Donuts. So, a special thanks goes out to all of our regulars.

Now, for those who didn’t attend Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive in 2018, here are some of the most fascinating vehicles from last year. And, if you’ve never been to a Diamond and Donuts Car Show, this will give you a good idea of what kind of cars you will come across at our Toy Drive Car Show next month (December 2019).
boca car meet in December
You are always bound to spot a few Lamborghini Aventadors at Diamonds and Donuts.
McLaren 720s
McLaren 720S’ are the norm too. This one is owned by @nickalbs.
Aston Martin Vantage
Last year we had two Aston Martin Vantages show up thanks to Holman Automotive Group.
lambo urus
And the then-brand-new Lambo Urus on @vossenwheels, owned by @lambo_laparl.
supercar couple
Expect to see the Supercar Couple (Wendel and Caroline) turn with a pair of vehicles. They always show up together, yet in their own supercars, and always something different…hence their nickname. Last year they came in a McLaren 570s and a Ferrari 488. What cars will they come in for this December 2019 Toy Drive?
Lambo Aventador car show
Like we said, Aventadors are the norm at Diamonds and Donuts…Where else can you say that?
custom Lamborghini aventador
Seriously, we aren’t joking. Aventadors galore. This is @exxoticlife‘s Lamborghini Aventador dressed up as an Italian police car – work done by @superiorautodesign.
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid
This is the boss of @championmotorsport‘s Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid.
classic car show Boca Raton
But it’s not all about supercars. As you can see, we always have classics and American-made power.
All the cars play nice together. Our car show brings generations of cars together.
truck car show boca raton
Did we mention, there will be an assortment of trucks?
import car show florida
And souped up imports? Yes and yes.
motorcycle show boca raton
Our motorcycle friends are more than welcome too…
souped up golf cart
Shoot, even next level golf carts with alligator skin seats make their way to Diamonds and Donuts.
diamonds and donuts December
As you can clearly see, Diamonds and Donuts is always poppin’.
Delicious Food and Drinks

At Diamond and Donuts, expect delectable food. From our complimentary breakfast to our afternoon BBQ, attendees are able to satiate their tastebuds for the entire event. 

diamonds and donuts 2019
Fine Diamond Jewelry and Luxury Swiss Watches

What’s more, we open the doors to our state-of-the-art showroom so people can come in to learn more about fine diamond jewelry and watches. Not to mention, try them on. 

diamonds by Raymond Lee car show

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, you will find an exclusive and extensive collection of luxury Swiss watches, and diamond and precious gemstone rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. We have it all. 

huge diamond necklace
View more Diamond Necklaces at Diamonds By Raymond Lee
jewelry at diamonds by Raymond lee
View our collection of diamond jewelry
Live DJ and Diamond Girls

At noon, we turn up the party with a live local DJ. It wouldn’t be a party without some good tunes, right?!

Our DJ spins the records right there in the midst of it all…and song requests are welcomed!

Additionally, it wouldn’t be a Diamonds and Donuts Car Show without some Diamonds Girls…

diamond girls

Holiday Spirit

If you love to get into the holiday spirit, there is no better place to do so than the Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive. From the exterior to the interior of our store, holiday decorations adorn the lot…

toy drive Broward county
Even vehicles come in the holiday spirit!

In honor of showing holiday spirit, we ask that everyone brings toys to add to our Toy Drive. We hope we can make this one even bigger than last years! That will be a great feat, but we believe it’s possible!

All in all, our Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show will press all your pleasure buttons, including the best one of the holiday season…the pleasure of giving. 

exotic car show south florida


The Diamond and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show is FREE for spectators AND anyone who want to put their vehicle on display. 

What kind of cars are welcome to join?

We accept cars of any make and model. It’s not just about exotics, classics and exorbitantly expensive luxury cars. We love to see fully built vehicles, American cars, and even trucks and motorcycles. So, if you want to join the car show, please don’t hesitate to RSVP.   


If you’d like to exhibit your car, please RSVP as soon as possible. Also, show up early if you can. 

Note: Parking on our lot is reserved for performance vehicles who have RSVP’d. Although our lot is big, we can only park a certain amount of vehicles, as have tons of cars that show up each and every month. Ergo, it’s vital that you RSVP.


rsvp diamonds and donuts

For those who simply want to attend the show without displaying a vehicle, you can show up whoever you like. However, we do recommend that you come on time as you won’t want to miss anything. It’s going to be a blast!

diamonds and donuts car show
People of all ages are welcomed.
car show Broward county
Dogs too!
Are you a local business owner?

We welcome local business to get involved. If you have a business that you think would complement our Diamonds and Donuts Toy Drive Car Show, please reach out so we can potentially set something up.


We ask that everyone donates new, unwrapped gifts for our children’s Toy Drive.

One toy is great, but the more the merrier. Last year we had many people bring their cars full of toys. Now is the time to be generous. 

Buy what you think kids would love. All children’s toys for ages 3 and up are great. Remember, there are kids of all ages at the Boys and Girls Club! 

toy drive south florida


At Diamonds and Donuts Car Show in December, we will be collecting and stocking all the toys at our showroom. Then, a few days before Christmas, we will deliver the toys to the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County and the Boys and Girls Club of Boca Raton.

How do we deliver the toys?

The kids love how we deliver the toys. We put everything in our armored truck, which is decorated specifically for the Toy Drive. We roll up to the Boys and Girls Club and pass out toys directly from the armored truck, as we did last year. It’s an all black, jacked up version of Santa’s sleigh on wheels. The kids absolutely love it. 

What’s more, we take plenty of pictures so it’s likely we will get a picture of your presents being given to the kids. 

All in all, it’s super rewarding and we encourage everyone to participate. 

Do I need to wrap my gift(s)?

We ask that all the donated presents are unwrapped. We will sort for age appropriateness when handing them out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Let’s make this holiday season the best one yet!

diamonds and donuts toy drive car show 2019


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