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Best Aftermarket Diamond Custom Rolex Bezel Service: Upgrade your Rolex

Best Aftermarket Diamond Custom Rolex Bezel Service: Upgrade your Rolex

custom rolex bezel service south florida
Do you want to take an already remarkable Rolex and turn the opulence up to eleven? Well, at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, we customize Rolex watches with aftermarket diamonds, so we have you covered, literally. When it comes to aftermarket Rolex customizations, we are the go-to spot in South Florida because we are simply the best.
custom rolex bezel service south florida

In this post, we are going to show you one of our recent aftermarket diamond Rolex creations – a large custom diamond Rolex bezel, which we handcrafted in-house at our showroom’s workshop.

Custom Rolex Aftermarket Diamond Bezel

We had a client come in last month, and he asked us if we could create a large custom diamond Rolex bezel for him from scratch. The answer was…of course, “YES!”

He knew Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the most reputable jeweler in South Florida for custom aftermarket Rolex watch designs, and Rolex watch services in general, which is why he came to us.

As per usual, our creation came out to perfection, so we thought we’d share it with you today. We hope this can inspire your creative side…

And we know what people say about the value of aftermarket diamond Rolex watches, so we are going to address that after we run you through our process for creating this large aftermarket custom diamond Rolex bezel.

aftermarket rolex bezel price

How We Create a Custom Diamond Rolex Bezel – Rolex Custom Bezel Service

Here’s our process for creating custom diamond luxury watch bezels…

cost to ice out rolex watch

Step 1: Consultation & Ideas

The first step for creating a custom aftermarket diamond Rolex bezel is to sit down with our client to figure out exactly what they want.

We talk about colors/tones, sizes, shapes, gemstones/diamonds, precious metals, and more.

Additionally, we talk about budget, turnover time, and other important guarantees.

All in all, our professional jewelry designer will ask all the right questions to make certain we have a clear picture of exactly what it is that you want…and if you aren’t sure what you want, then together, we hash out ideas, as to create a clear vision of the end product.

Step 2: Sketches

To ensure our vision is on point, our jewelry designer will make a general sketch (or sketches) of a custom diamond bezel based on what was talked about in Step 1.

After we create the sketch, we show it to our client to make sure we are both on the same page.

If the sketch is accepted, we can move on to the next step. If not, we go back to the drawing board.

Step 3: Selecting Stones and the Precious Metal

At this point, we know what we are creating, so we need to pick the right diamonds that not only meet our design requirements but also fit our client’s budget.

Our client has the ability to choose from a range of diamonds (i.e. diamond grades, sizes, and shapes…not to mention diamond colors if they are aiming for something “fancy”).

After the diamonds are selected, we can determine the final cost. Once this is confirmed, we can move on.

As you can see our clients are involved every step of the way.

Step 4: CAD

In this step, we create a CAD (Computer Aided Design), which is the final “blueprint” for the custom diamond bezel to be.

The CAD will include exact dimensions and design elements. This enables us to clearly see how the end product will look so our client can, again, confirm if this is what they want.

Once we get the go from our client, we bring the CAD to life.

Note: If our client wants to make adjustments during Step 4, that is perfectly fine. This is the time to do it!

where to customize rolex in boca raton

Step 5: Wax Mold

We bring the CAD to this dimension by creating a physical wax model with the exact dimensions using state-of-the-art technology.

Then, using special hand tools, we create a channel at the center of the wax bezel along the entire circumference. This is where the diamonds will be set once the bezel is cast from the metal of choice.

This part of the process allows our client to hold the wax model in their hand, see the architecture, where the stones will go, and make any final adjustments to the piece if necessary.

From here, the final phases of the custom diamond Rolex bezel creation begins.

Step 6: Casting the Bezel

Now our master jeweler goes back to work, flexing his creative muscles (and actual muscles) to build an exact replica of the wax model in the metal of choice.

The bezel is then forged in fire and cooled so our jeweler can begin the finishing touches.

Step 7: Finishing

Our expert jeweler takes hand polishes and finishes the bezel to make it shiny and flawless. Every piece of the bezel is perfected with extreme precision.

Step 8: Setting the Diamonds

From here, we set the diamonds in the bezel in a way so that they will never escape.

How to make a Rolex diamond Bezel

Step 9: Final Touches & QC

The finishing touches are made to guarantee perfection and the highest level of beauty.

At this point, you will think it was Rolex themselves who created it. Like it was undeniably meant to be part of your Rolex.

We have a stringent quality control process, which involves inspection by our team of jewelers and designers, and most importantly, you.

Step 10: Fixing the Bezel to your Rolex

All that is left is to set your new custom aftermarket diamond bezel on your Rolex, and voilà, the creation is complete.

You now have a brand new custom diamond bezel that is uniquely you.

And with our time tested (five decades to be exact) custom aftermarket diamond expertise, we guarantee you are getting nothing but the absolute best.

customize rolex boca raton

Aftermarket Diamonds vs Factory Set Diamonds PRICE

On average, customizing your watch with aftermarket diamonds will be significantly less costly than purchasing a similar Rolex model with factory set diamonds.

As for the quality of the diamonds, the setting, and the overall look, if you choose a reputable jeweler with a long history of customizing Rolex watches, then your Rolex will look equally as stunning as a factory set diamond Rolex.

That said, it’s common knowledge that Rolex collectors don’t value aftermarket Rolex diamond watches nearly as high as they value factory set Rolex diamond watches.

This is a moot point if you don’t ever plan on selling your Rolex.

In the end, quality diamonds and quality custom work, like this Diamonds Bezel, offers the same striking look that Rolex can give you, just for a much lower price.

Again, to achieve “Rolex-level”, it will really depend on the jeweler you choose to customize your Rolex. If you come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we guarantee the same high-quality work as Rolex. No one will ever tell the difference, except people who know every model Rolex has ever put out…and even so, there is no shame in telling people they are aftermarket diamonds…rappers are the most well known for customizing luxury timepieces.

If you are on the fence about adding custom diamonds to your Rolex, then read the following pros and cons.

Should I customize my Rolex with Aftermarket Diamonds? Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Diamond Customizations.

Here are the pros and cons of Customizing a Rolex with Aftermarket Diamonds.

can you customize a rolex

Pros of an Aftermarket Diamond Rolex:

1. You can create exactly what you want and as extravagant or as subtle as you want.

With aftermarket diamond customizations, you can create a diamond Rolex to your personal taste. If you want your Rolex completely flooded with diamonds, then you can do that. And if you only want a diamond bezel or a diamond dial or diamond hour markers, you can do that too.

Moreover, you can choose different color stones and precious metals.

Everything is completely up to you. You have all of the control, so you don’t have to endlessly look for a factory set Rolex that perfectly meets your personal style.

2. The cost is much less

It will cost significantly less for an aftermarket diamond Rolex than it will for a factory set diamond Rolex of equal brilliance.

Rolex gets to charge a premium for those same diamonds, naturally. However, looks and intrinsic value-wise, both will be equal.

Cons of an Aftermarket Diamond Rolex:

1. You have to find a reputable, highly skilled jeweler

As mentioned, you can’t just choose any jeweler to customize a Rolex for you. This could lead to a Rolex tragedy if it’s not done right. You will risk losing value if the jeweler does a poor job,

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we guarantee the highest standard, and we have many examples to substantiate this – Aftermarket Diamond Rolex Watches

2. Decreases the value of your Rolex

It’s common knowledge that aftermarket diamond Rolex watches don’t hold their value as well as factory diamond Rolex watches. Rolex collectors usually steer clear of aftermarket Rolex watches. This is typically because the quality of work is not as good. Rolex has extremely strict standards. So to be at that level, you need a highly skilled jeweler.

However, this can be a complete non-issue, depending on what kind of customization you do. And we are about to explain why…

custom diamond bezel rolex

How to customize a Rolex with aftermarket diamonds without losing value?

Let’s say you want a custom Rolex diamond bezel. If you create a completely new bezel (as we did with the featured custom diamond Rolex bezel in this post), then you can hold onto your original factory Rolex bezel so if you ever want to resell it or get a collateral loan, you can simply equip your Rolex with the original bezel…or sell both to the buyer.

This way you will get the exact value that you should. No one even has to know about your Rolex’s history of wearing an extravagant aftermarket diamond bezel if you don’t want them to.

Of course, this won’t be possible if you set diamonds into original pieces, which is often the case.

To combat this issue, see if the jeweler can create an entirely new piece or customize a pre-owned/separate piece so you can hold onto the original. This would work for customizations of dials, bezels, and even bracelets.

The client who we created this featured bezel for, his Rolex didn’t lose any value as the piece we created was completely original itself. So, he can always replace the custom diamond bezel with the original Rolex factory bezel if he wants…

Additionally, if you end up selling your Rolex and you are left with your “aftermarket diamond bezel”, you can sell it for its intrinsic value to get some of your money back.

Want to customize your Rolex with Aftermarket Diamonds?

aftermarket diamond rolex bezel

If you want to customize (aka upgrade) your Rolex bezel with aftermarket diamonds, you won’t find a better jeweler for the job than Diamonds by Raymond Lee or Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Our skills for custom watch work are unrivaled in South Florida and across the entire country. We pride ourselves on being on par with Rolex standards.

We use the highest grade diamonds and precious metals. And our metal work and diamond settings are superlative thanks to state-of-the-art technology, tools, and expert level craftsmanship.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee

If you are ready to customize your Rolex, please contact us for pricing and availability. You can also stop into our showroom any time we are open.

Address: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Custom Aftermarket Diamond Rolex Online

We also handle our services online. Simply contact us and we will provide you with all you need to know to get started.

See more custom diamond iced out watches that we’ve created

Here are a few examples of custom diamond luxury watches that we’ve crafted right here on-site at our showroom in Boca Raton.






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