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Gold jewelry – a guide on where to buy

When it comes to shopping for gold jewelry like gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more there is something to be said about shopping somewhere you trust. A place that is more than a retail store for expensive gifts or fine jewelry. Somewhere where you can go to ask the questions you have about your fine jewelry. As well as get your custom jewelry made. That offers jewelry repair you know and trust. A jewelry store that is so much more than just that. They are places with unique combinations of services. Not your average jeweller. Somewhere where you can sell gold that is no longer for you and find a replacement that dazzles your heart. 

For the last three decades we have been that place. And we continue to build a community around us to ensure we keep that tradition alive. We look forward to offering this distinguished combination of services for many more years to come. Honoring the last three decades that have passed as well as paving the future for the next three to come. Our focus is consistently on providing superior service for all of your needs. From discovering the perfect piece of gold jewelry, to finding the best loose diamonds for your setting or custom made piece to maintaining, cleaning and repairing your favorite gold jewelry. 

It is important after all to note that we are more than a jewelry store. We also do top notch jewelry repair in house. So your jewelry never leaves our sight or goes to third parties. You can trust we care for it like our very own. It’s under the same level of security and surveillance as our own collection of jewelry and we make sure to keep it safe for you while we finish the work on it. 

Gold jewelry – necklaces, rings, bracelets and more

One of the most traditional types of jewelry is yellow gold jewelry. These come in all different shapes and sizes including the thin and simple to the intricate and elaborate. All of these have their place in our hearts. However, there is the question what is the best way to style gold jewelry? We believe the answer to this comes from mixing and matching. When you pair up classic and iconic looks like yellow gold diamond tennis bracelets with some more elaborately decorated styles it can really take the match up to the next level. 

It is important to have different textures as well as different items. For example if you are going for a dripping in diamonds look that is in all yellow gold choose a few different items of gold jewelry. Let us say you take a gold ring with diamond details and pair it up with some chunky gold bracelets and perhaps that diamond tennis bangle. Then add some earrings or layer gold necklaces for a totally stunning style. 

For us some of the best gold jewelry are the pieces that have a lot of texture to them. The unique pieces that you cannot always find in the most commonplace shops and such those are the stunners. They steal the show and make the looks that you put together unique in their own way each and every time. When pairing these rings since they tend to be larger and more detailed or intricate we suggest keeping to two rings on each finger. That way there is some room for those stunning rings to show off. Particularly if they have loops or other opened designs. 

We will cover some particularly stunning gold jewelry here but also the services that you might need for your pieces. 

Intricate gold jewelry designs

When it comes to creating an arm party there is nothing better than gold jewelry with accent diamonds to get started. A fine gold bracelet in yellow gold that features details and intricate diamond settings can be paired with other unique bracelets. Otherwise or on top of that you can add a gold and diamond tennis bracelet too. This is one piece of gold jewelry that makes an excellent pair with almost any other jewelry you might choose. 

14k Yellow Gold 5.20ctw Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Take for example this combination of stunningly unique bracelets and cuff. The gold jewelry is accented with diamonds and takes the combination stack into the next level with different textures all paired in matching yellow gold. One truly fabulous look the beaded bracelet and the open cuff are intricate and the simple yet classic tennis bracelet style of this 14 carat yellow gold diamond cuff featuring 5.20 carats of diamonds is stunning. 

Then of course there are bracelet stacks. You can take a series of gold bangles or bracelets and create a stunning combination. One super famous example of this type of gold jewelry layering is done with Cartier Love bangles. A commonly seen pairing of course is the mixture of several different types of gold in the match up for a Cartier Love bangle stack. Taking yellow gold, rose gold and white gold with some diamonds and wearing them all together on your arm. It is a totally different look each time and way you combine them.

Custom jewelry made to your specifications

Now if none of these rings and fine jewelry are what you have in mind do not worry. We are a full service jewelry provider and offer a wide range of services including custom jewelry creation. If you are looking to create a stunning piece of jewelry unlike anything else then come have a conversation with some of our custom jewelry makers! They are passionate and devoted craftsmen who love what they do. If you have a general idea or a highly specific design you would like to create then they can help. Whether that means you have already drawn out your plans or just have an inspiration board set up somewhere the likes of Pinterest it does not matter. They can bring your creation to life. We use our connections to top quality suppliers to source all fine materials. Meaning you get the real deal for your custom jewelry

To give you a bit of an idea of how the process of creating a custom fine jewelry piece here is a quick breakdown of the steps we take: 

  1. First is the initial consultation to get ideas. 
  2. Then our custom jewelry designers will sketch and work with you to get a final look.
  3. This is when we begin our material procurement to get you the highest quality raw materials. 
  4. Upon your approval we move forward to creating a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  5. Next is a real wax model so you can see what the final result will be like in detail with the diamonds fitted in. 
  6. Finally after all the changes are set upon we forge your custom jewelry piece in our workshop to get the final product. 
  7. Then it goes through polishing, cleaning and a rigorous inspection to make sure it is the very best quality jewelry piece. 

Jewelry repair in house at our stores

Beyond our custom jewelry services we also offer jewelry repair in house at our workshops. When our master jewellers are not busy bringing to life brand new creations they are bringing life back into stunning pieces. Some are family heirlooms others are prized pieces from milestone celebrations. All in all though they have the devoted attention of our craftsmen. From the moment you arrive at our stores they will inspect the damaged piece in order to gauge how severe the issue is. That will instruct how much and what they need to do in order to bring your piece back to its former glory. It may involve replacing lost stones and sourcing new precious gems to fit your jewelry piece. Other times it is a quick polish and cleaning that will do the trick. 

Once we have analysed it and determined the work that needs to be done one of our experts will sit with you and walk you through the process. We are glad to say that if it is a simple fix or quick tune up we can do it right then and there. You can bring us your jewelry and be on your way quickly. Just browse through our shops while we get your piece back to shape. In the cases where your piece has suffered more severe damage we may need to keep it with us to work on over time. 

Our craftsmen will let you know if this is the case and give you an estimate. Your jewelry repair will always be done completely by us. That means we do not use third parties and your jewelry repair will never leave our store. This way you can trust that it is safe the whole time. We keep it under the same security as our own.

Sell gold 

When it comes to gold jewelry sometimes a piece has its place in your heart but is no longer something you want to wear. We all change up our styles and grow from the designs that used to spark joy in us. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we take these transitions seriously. After all it is why we offer such a huge wide ranging assortment of luxury jewelry at our stores. For your collection to have everything your heart desires. To be the go to place for when you are looking for something exciting and new. But what do you do with the gold jewelry you no longer want? We offer you the option to sell gold jewelry that you no longer want. That is right you can sell your jewelry in Boca conveniently and with trust. Our acquisition team will evaluate your piece and get you the best price. 

You can come in and enjoy a craft beer or allow us to open the best bottle of champagne while we discuss your collection with you. We love interest pieces and luxury jewelry items. In a discreet, private and effortless transaction you can trust our partners to give expert and concrete answers about your jewelry’s value. As well as provide some sound counsel about how to go about selling jewelry you no longer want. 

Best jewelry store in Boca – Diamonds by Raymond Lee, your local jeweller

So there you have it. Now you know a bit more about us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We are the premier gold jewelry and diamond piece store in South Florida. There is no better place to buy fine jewelry in Boca than with us. We offer a range of boutique services at our two locations. As well as a spectacular collection of curated jewelry pieces. Everything that your gold jewelry needs you can find here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Whether you are looking to update your jewelry collection, repair a beloved piece or swap it in for something new with our sell gold option we have you covered. Our experts are on site and ready to help any time with whatever you need. We’ve been the best jewelry store in Boca Raton for the last thirty years. And we pride ourselves in providing superior services of all kinds. 

Our aim is always to bring you closer. With our community events and activities we try and bring back what we have always appreciated in our local community. It is how we build the foundations for what we hope to be the next three decades in business along side you and your family. Our passion is jewelry and diamonds and we provide a range for every age, taste and occasion. You can check out all of our stunning fine jewelry on our website or by visiting one of our two Boca Raton locations. You will find us in either East or West Boca right here:

East Boca Location: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Hours: Monday-Friday  11am-7pm | Saturday  10am-5pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm

Phone: (561) 623-8205

West Boca Location: 22191 Powerline Road #12b, Boca Raton, FL 33433Hours: Monday-Friday  10am-6pm | Saturday  10am-5pm | Sunday Closed Phone: (561) 750-7808Email: in**@di******************.com

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