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Oyster Rolex feature

Oyster Rolex feature

oyster rolex with tennis bracelet diamond

Oyster Rolex – like the pearl within the Oyster it is what is within the iconic Oyster steel that makes it oh so special. Oyster Rolex is the nickname really of the Oyster Rolex perpetual watches. These are the highly resistant sportive watches made from one of the worlds strongest and most resistant stainless steel alloys ever. It is made in Rolex’s very own foundry of course in Geneva, Switzerland. As well as being incredibly restant and strong meaning that it is able to resist the deepest depths and day to day batterings it is also a high polish glimmering delight. This watch is one that stuns always with a high shine and brilliance that is completely unparalleled. Part of the 940L stainless steel family it is extremely anti corrosive as well as scratch and dent resistant. Perfect for a luxury watch right? That is what watch makers at Rolex thought.

where to buy oyster rolex watch

From there we get some of the most well known Rolex watches in the world. Our strong sportive pieces that can be worn around the track, diving deep, flying high or signing deals away. It is for a statement piece that delineates the luxury lifestyle without being too flashy or dramatic meaning it can be worn on just about any occassion. The Oyster Perpetual is a staple in any watch collection and brings the innovations of the watch making world front and center with the time, date, day and many more tricks up its sleeve. Beyond the actual case of the watch the Oystersteel is also an ideal material for bracelets. As the bracelet takes the brunt of the impact in daily wear of a luxury watch using a powerful material like Oystersteel allows watchmakers to get a bit more fancy. That’s where the Rolesor comes in for a surprise.

oyster rolex gold

Rolex Oystersteel and Rolesor – a match made in Geneva

As we have said the Oystersteel is a unique Rolex owned combination of fine metals to create the incredibly resistant and beautiful material that is forged into fine luxury time pieces like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual series. The Oystersteel material belongs to the 940L steel family which is really specilly resistant to corrosion. As well as a shining material that when polished glitters and shines worthy of a jewelry piece. Which each Rolex is in its own way despite the sportive styles of some.

Further the Rolex Oyster was paired with generally 18 carat yellow gold in order to create the perfect combination of fine metals that e know as Rolesor. This is the stunning three link bracelet and watch case and bezel combination of Oystersteel with yellow gold central links. As well as yellow gold crown and bezel. The iconic look is revered and instantly identifiable as a Rolex staple. It has the aura of design and still propels its vision of strength and continued resistance. All that matched with the fold over clasp and a high polish make for a renowned Rolex watch any day of the week – and in Geneva if we might add.

All Swiss made where the Rolex foundry is located the Oyster steel and Rolesor combinations are both born in Switzerland. At the same location where all Rolexes get their start the exact alloy pairing that renders this elusive Oyster steel and even the gold for the Rolesor combination are unknown. They are kept close to home much like the Everose combination. Yeah, Rolex did not stop at the Oyster steel and Rolesor they have also developed their very own and unique rose gold tint made from a unique combination of fine metals to achieve that stunning modern color. 

Are rolex oyster watches waterproof? 

diamond rolex oyster with tennis bracelet

An excellent question when it comes to the Rolex Oyster watches themselves is their resistance to water. Now we know that the material is ultra strong and resistant. So it goes without saying that yes, Oystersteel is absolutely waterproof. It is submergeable and resistant to all kinds of impact and extreme environments. However, the Rolex Oyster watches involve many more parts, some much more delicate than just the Oyster steel. So how do those compare in their waterproof qualities you might ask. Well for one Rolex is one of the leading watch makers in the world. So you know that they have devoted time as well as effort to creating watches that can break all barriers. This is no different when it comes to the waterproof qualities of their watches. So while it depends on which collection of Oyster Rolex we are looking at they generally  are waterproof.

If we are looking at a Rolex Submariner for example you can go to absolutely extreme depths with this wrist watch without having any problems. However some other collections may be less resistant to the intense pressures found at depth. Therefore trust your Rolex Oyster is waterproof but if you are planning on testing the boundaries of what is possible make sure to check out what the details are on that particular collection’s specifications are. 

How much does a Rolex Oyster cost?

The price of Rolex Oyster watches highly depends on the different models that we are comparing. For example there are many different Rolex collections that are Oyster Perpetual. There are the Datejust watches as well as the later Day Date collection of watches and many others. Beyond this initial difference which can mean a pretty stark contrast in price. That is because the complications and model of the watch will drastically change the cost. There is also the materials to be considered. For example an Oyster Perpetual Rolex that comes in the iconic Oyster steel will cost less than one in their patented and unique Everose rose gold. Further the specifics of the watch like special dials or additional accent stones also affect the cost. For example a mother of pearl dial or diamond bezel on a time piece.  

Some Rolex Oyster watches and their prices:

  • Rolex Oyster Steel Silver Dial 114234 Air King Watch $4,995.00
  • Day Date Rolex 218235 18 carat Rose Gold Black Dial Watch $31,995.00
  • Rolex DateJust 126333 Two Tone Black Diamond Dial Watch $13,299.00

These are only just a few of the different Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches and their prices for comparison. Our collection features many of these and more. A curated collection of the finest and most unique Rolex watches around our stores feature Rolex Oyster watches unlike any other.

Rolex Datejust watches

A timeless style of wrist watch the Rolex Datejust was one of the first ever watches to display the date on the watch face as well as the time. Further these watches brought the incredible feat of powerful resistance along with expert craftsmanship and technology. It is an iconic Oyster Rolex collection that elevates the classic stainless steel wrist watch to a true luxury accessory from the Rolex brand. It is all in the details and the unique features and aesthetic combinations that we find in these time pieces. 

Rolex Datejust 16200 Stainless Steel Blue Arabic Dial Watch

rolex oyster blue arabic dial

First is this magnificent Datejust 16200 in the Oyster steel with a blue Arabic dial. This stunning watch is a 36 millimeter case with a smooth fixed stainless steel bezel. It features the classic three link Rolex bracelet and fold over clasp. As well as the iconic date window located at the 3 o’clock mark below the oculus lens for enhanced readability. The blue dial and stainless steel hour markers have a gorgeous contrast that makes a sleek monochromatic Oyster Rolex a true traditional style watch with a twist. 

16234 Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel White Roman Dial Watch

Next is another lovely Rolex Oyster Datejust. This time a 16234 with a unique white version of the Roman dial. A clean dial it has a couple of differences from the Datejust watch above beyond the color of the dial. For example the incredible Jubilee bracelet. Featuring three more internal links in the usual pattern the jubilee bracelet introduces a level of refinement to the watch. It is more of a dress watch than a sportive style. Further to go with the jubilee bracelet this watch has an incredible after market diamond bezel. It is a stunning ladies watch.

diamond rolex oyster cost

Rolex Tune Up – keep your Oyster Rolex running smoothly 

Now having a Rolex Oyster is not just about the looks and the lifestyle. You also need to look after your new timepiece. For example you need to get regular maintenance done on your luxury watch in order to keep it running in top form. One way to do this and make sure that you are making every second count is with a Rolex tune up. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have in house workshops where you can drop off your Rolex Oyster or other Rolex watches to be serviced. It is easy and now with our $159 special price it is super accessible. This overhaul special is the perfect way to get your watch running at its best. Just like taking your luxury car in for a detail the Rolex tune up is necessary. For all the movements and any impact issues that might happen like a chip.

Also if your watch is off pace or not operating at its best we can resolve these issues. Our craftsmen eat and breathe their passion for luxury watches. It is no surprise that they tune up Rolexes day in and day out. They get them looking just like the day you bought them. There is no sending your Rolex off to the factory. None of the unexpected costs and wait time. It is just as easy as coming to join us for a cold local craft beer and have a look through our extensive collection of fine time pieces and jewelry. In no time after you have dropped off your watch for a tune up we will have it ready for you to pick up and head back out again. With the best value for your money our craftsmen keep your watches ticking and looking like they are brand new. 

oyster rolex tune up

Where to buy rolex oyster watches? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, South Florida’s premier Rolex destination

The best place to buy a Rolex Oyster watch in South Florida is at your local Boca Raton jeweller – Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We have the largest collection of luxury watches including Rolex Oyster pieces from every and all collections. This is the best place to get the best price for a Rolex Oyster whether it is a Datejust, Day Date, Air King or Submariner. We have Oyster Perpetual Rolex watches in a variety of different fine metals. Each with their own dial including exclusive features like mother of pearl, malachite, diamond and diamond accent watches. Regardless of what your preference is we also have the option to customise your watch to make it your very own. Whether that is by adding your own diamond bezel or accent stones on the dial with our loose diamond search and custom services. Or whether that is an existing watch in our collection.

oyster perpetual on leather band

Our stores are expertly designed for your comfort. When perusing through our wide ranging curated collection you can enjoy a cold local craft beer or a glass of our best champagne while on eof our experts shows you around. In the meantime you can have your Rolex watch tuned up with our special $159 Rolex haul over in store. Our in house workshop features the best and latest machinery when it comes to handling luxury watches and fine metals. With lasers and the cutting edge technology to ensure your watch is ticking to the best of its drum that it is meant to. All while you shop and wait in our stores. Everything  is done to make it the most convenient for you. After all after thirty years in the business we have a feel for what you might need. It is our commitment to continue for the next thirty.

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