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Celebrity Watches

Celebrity Watches

A lot can be learned about a person by what watch they wear. It can tell you about their tastes, their aspirations, their style, and even a bit about their salary. Keeping in mind that most celebrities have enough money to forget about price tags, considering their watch brands and styles can tell us common folk about their real life personalities. As the leader of our great nation it stands to reason that President Barack Obama should have an outstanding watch, something powerful, classic, practical, and swanky. His watch does not disappoint, President Obama rocks a commemorative edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph. This watch is powerful, stylish, pricey, and durable, all things that are desirable in the leader of the free world.

Sexy Columbian screen siren Sophia Vergara on the other hand opts for the ever popular Rolex. With a gold Rolex Daytona, Sophia sports just the right amount of dainty style with a bit of boyish charm. Women wearing menswear is a trend that is not going away any time soon and Sophia’s watch has just enough girly attributes to make it a great watch for women. Jumping on the Rolex train is Usher, his Rolex Milgauss is pricier than some cars but is well worth the money when you consider the style that comes with it. This watch is just as gauche as Usher himself and reflects his manly and lavish style perfectly.

Moving away from the classic Rolex is Charlize Theron in her diamond encrusted Christian Dior watch. It stands to reason that this blonde beauty would sport a watch from the brand of which she is a major spokeswoman. Richard Mille is a popular brand with adherents like Seal and Rafael Nadal sporting pieces from the designer collection. Seal spared no expense with one of the pricier models that cost well over $50,000. Angelina Jolie must have a watch as beautiful and simple as she is and her Cartier watch does just that. This simple and elegant style is actually one of the more reasonably priced options when you consider that it cost only, using the word only loosely, $6,000. Tag Heuer, Bremont, Omega, G Shock and others are just some of the brands that other celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise sport on a regular basis.

While a watch can say loads about a person, their brand loyalty can also say tons about them. Rolex is by far one of the most popular watch brands among celebrities and those people that have made it big. Watches are a way to say to the world, I have made it, Timex and Quartz watches that cost less than the battery that runs them are a thing of the past. These celebrities make it a point to take a simple, every day object like the watch and make it a statement that lets the world know that they have more money than they know what to do with which ultimately makes buying a watch that costs more than a car a good investment. With the right watch a celebrity can say just about anything about themselves without ever even opening their mouths.


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