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Jewelry Trends for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 are Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 are Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Jewelry trends come and go, but some fads become beloved fashion staples. Aunt Bea’s chunky pearls are still as desirable today as they were in the 1960s. Steampunk fashionistas won’t leave home without a good ‘ole pocket watch, and retro hipsters seek out 1980s-era calculator watches. Every year the fashion industry introduces the coming season’s new looks, and this year designers took inspiration from Mother Nature, the early 20th century, and the street. And while we’re smack in the middle of summer now, all trendsetting eyes are quickly turning to fall jewelry trends.

Karl Lagerfeld took Chanel’s iconic Premiere Triple Tour watch and redesigned it as a chic, simple belt. Vogue Paris calls it a “belt for browsing the aisles on a Saturday morning shop.” Indeed. Wearing this could give new meaning to term, “navel gazing,” and who doesn’t like to smash a few out-dated idioms?

Swarovski Gems released its “Gem Visions – The Bridal Book,” which includes several jewelry trends such as the Natural Affairs palette. This look mimics the beautiful colors of nature, with gorgeous florals and multi-hued green gems.

For everyday wear, the catwalk saw models sporting golden Creole bamboo hoop earrings by Balmain, Incan-inspired collars from Vivienne Westwood, and gorgeous tribal tassel collars from Etro.

Fringed chains are making a huge impact on the fashion scene in recent months, and women are already sporting these deceptively simple, yet versatile pieces. If you feel 1985 calling, Isabel Marant created a necklace that appears to be a silvery bandana with hopelessly fringed edges. The piece evokes an almost animalistic and apocalyptic scene reminiscent of a scene out of the classic movie “Dune.”

If you love wearing your grandma’s old costume jewelry, get ready. This coming year, vintage looks are bigger, bolder, and full of bright colors. Dolce & Gabbana’s oversized floral crystal statement necklace is a must-have for those who crave more than just a simple pendant. With its vibrant, reflective crystals, it frames your neck and face, giving your visage a glittery appearance.

Timeless pieces of jewelry will endure fickle fashion crazes. An example of such classics are torcs. Torcs are large, rigid collar necklaces, and they’ve made quite an impact on the runway this past spring. These accessories have been staples in the fashion world for centuries, dating back to the Bronze Age, when people of high social status wore them. Of course, today’s versions are removable, but in the earliest versions, people wore them permanently as an easy way to identify themselves as a Very Important Person.


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