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Innovative New Jewelry Trends 2014

Jewelry is an ever changing art, there are tons of new and innovative ideas that are more and more interesting. There are plenty of jewelry ideas that are innovative and new and each is as interesting as the last. Here are five new and interesting jewelry ideas that are particularly interesting.

Face Jewelry- one trend that is starting to take hold is of course facial jewelry. This could be something as simple as a stud or jewel for the eyes or something as elaborate as a whole face necklace of sorts. More and more people are wearing facial jewelry. Facial jewelry is not something that every one can pull off, or would want to pull off, but it is somewhat interesting and great for those that want a piece that is worth talking about.

Multi Finger Rings- another trend that is becoming more and more popular is of course multi finger rings. These are rings that are worn on more than one finger and feature focal points that are spread over more than one finger. Generally these rings are comprised of two or three finger holders with one longer piece on top that are part of one piece. These rings are great for those that want an interesting piece that is incredibly fun.

Extensive Beading- another trend that is making the rounds is excessive beading. This can be anything from tons of strands of seed beads to long hanging pieces that are covered in beading. The more beads the better in this trend which makes for a very interesting and beautiful trend. These pieces are great for those that like very trendy pieces that are easy to wear with just about any outfit. These are great for those that like the bohemian feeling and like the bohemian style when it comes to their jewelry.

Animal Jewelry- this does not mean jewelry for your animals but rather jewelry that is shaped like animals. These pieces are interesting, innovative, and great for anyone that wants a great item that is going to spark interest. This type of jewelry is great for those that want a bit of flare without having a piece that is so out there that people are confused by it.

Finger Tip Rings- another trend that is quickly becoming popular is of course the finger tip ring. These rings are great for those that have longer finger nails and want something to help add interest to them. These rings are also great for elongating the fingers and making a great impression. These pieces are great for those that want something truly interesting and even vintage looking.

There are virtually thousands of jewelry trends out there and taking the time to learn a bit about them is a great way to discover new trends. There are tons of great trends out there to try and taking the time to look at a few of them is the best way to learn about them and decide what trends are right for you.

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