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2014 Oscars Best Jewelry

2014 Oscars Best Jewelry

Last night’s Oscars red carpet was a sight for sore, bored eyes – at least as far as the jewelry was concerned. After what seems like decades of virtually begging stars and stylists to please wear more jewelry – any jewelry! – they at long last ditched the studs in favor if truly red-carpet-worthy jewelry. While the fashion choices were actually more subdued than ever (no one really “popped” or had a jaw dropping moment on the red carpet, which is fine – stars tend to play it safe at the Academy Awards) the jewels finally had their moment in the spotlight, with most leading ladies eschewing the usual suspects (large studs, diamond bracelet, cocktail ring if we’re lucky). The major players were all accounted for, though we were surprised by the lower profile of one Lorraine Schwartz this year. Typically she accounts for a solid 60% of the Oscar best jewelry list, but last night only one stand out star shined in Schwartz. However, a little less LS means more screen time, and therefore swoon time, for other venerated jewelers who have to compete with Hollywood’s favorite jeweler. So, while last night may not have stunned in the gown department, it gave us plenty to be happy about when it comes to all that sparkles! Like…

Jennifer Lawrence

Yes, the backlace belongs back in 2013. Like Danielle Miele (Gem Gossip) noted on Twitter, the backlace is kind of like the cape. You can only do it once. However she also brought back the color red (a curse for nominees, but we got the feeling she really wanted Lupita to win) and falling in Dior at the Oscars. So there’s that. And beyond the repeat factor, respect must be paid to this stunning Neil Lane platinum, rock crystal, and 100 carat diamond necklace. In addition, she wore a pair of huge studs and a $1 million ring with “platinum ring set with three fancy colored diamonds.” We’re not seeing the fancy, unless the center stone is fancy blue? Regardless, it’s a pretty look on a gorgeous young actress who never fails to entertain.

Sandra Bullock

There was nothing not to love about Sandra’s navy gown and her awesome cluster stud lobe huggers. Like Lupita (more on that below), Sandra chose a super trendy pair of diamond earrings that were almost ear cuff-like in style by Lorraine Schwartz and clocked in at $1.8 million! They were the perfect dose of edginess for her Old Hollywood sideswept curls and classic Alexander McQueen dress.

Naomi Watts

Naomi’s “spider web” Bulgari necklace was one of our immediate favorites! Its geometric lines were the perfect fit for her Art Deco style clutch (also Bulgari) and any time we see a diamond pave Serpenti bracelet on the red carpet, it’s a good time.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron never looks anything less than goddess-like, statuesque and dipped in gold like a real life Dior commercial on the red carpet. Her gown was amazing with sheer straps that gave the illusion of a peaked v neck plunge. However, the straps needn’t be concealed at all – no one was looking while she was wearing the necklace. Charlize’s $15 million tab consisted of studs in addition to the beautiful necklace from Mr. Winston’s Incredible collection.

Idina Menzel

Leave it to a Broadway Diva to school these actresses on how to bring the glamour. In her Chimento Diamonds With a Capital D, the Frozen songstress proved the ice never bothered her anyway. This set of gorgeous rocks is from the designer’s Jacqueline Parure, and it shone on Idina, no matter how pissed she was about Travolta’s name butchering or the Let it Go remix the orchestra played.

Kristen Bell

Another Frozen princess channeled her character in gorgeous pale lavender Cavalli and plenty of ice, compliments of Piaget. The gorgeously delicate diamond vine necklace was perfect on Kristen’s tiny frame and balanced out her intricate, equally sparkly gown.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia has been bringing it in terms of her red carpet looks this season, pregnant or not. First there was the gorgeous green sequin column gown, and now a truly classic Valentino look in black and white. She stuck with the color scheme through her jewelry too, donning massive amounts of Lorraine Schwartz black and white diamond bangles, cocktail ring, and awesome white jade drop earrings. Best accessory though? Jason Sudeikis.

Cate Blanchett

Chopard, the lucky charm for Best Actor/Actress nominees for the last eleven years (seriously, why would any nominee wear any other designer?) teased us all with an up close shot of Cate’s amazing earrings on Instagram. When she showed up on the red carpet,t hey were even better, adding a dazzling spectrum of color to her (don’t hate us) otherwise bland gown.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita, the undisputed champion of every best dressed list this red carpet season, didn’t take one step off her path to Oscar gold and fashion history last night, choosing the perfect gown to cap off a flawless season. Her “Nairobi Blue” Prada gown undoubtedly inspired Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year and her triumphant smile in the after party pictures is nearly as beautiful as her material accessories, all from Fred Leighton. It started with the diamond and gold headband, bringing the hair accessory to a prominence it hasn’t enjoyed since Gossip Girl. But it gets better – she’s wearing the super on trend cluster lobe-climbing earrings and what looks like a vintage Serpenti cuff, along with stacked rings on both hands. Yellow gold and pinky rings are two of the trendiest takeaways from last night and Lupita rocks both – charmingly with a frog ring, her family’s totem. #standingovation

Honorable Mentions:

Jessica Biel: Mrs. Timberlake (or her stylist) seemingly went with the “I’ll take everything” approach to her Tiffany & Co. jewels. While we’re huge advocates for doubling or even tripling up on rings and bangles, this was too much. Three diamond bracelets, plus the aquamarine bracelet plus the aquamarine earrings AND a diamond necklace? There’s a time for editing.

Amy Adams: Yes, Amy’s Tiffany earrings were a favorite of many in the jewelry community. But they made no sense with her hair or bland Gucci gown, and while the colorful rhodochrosite, lapis and turquoise diamonds in gold were certainly a welcome change from the diamond standard, they clashed so bad with the gorgeous yellow diamond tennis bracelet. Had she worn the yellow beryl and rock crystal earrings she chose for the VF after party, she would have been a contender for overall best Oscar jewelry.

Julia Roberts: Her ensemble left a lot to be desired, but it was a vast improvement on her Globes shirt under gown moment. Her Bulgari Parentisi diamond earrings were stunning, but they didn’t scream haute joallerie the way we like to see on the Oscars red carpet. They looked like they could have been part of Julia’s personal collection, which is a look many people like, but on the Oscars red carpet, we like to see jewels that look like they were borrowed from the Queen.

The Jolie: Her roughly Deco style gown (brutalist, really) was sparkly and lovely, but did make her look older than she is. She wore Robert Procop, who she partnered with on a line of jewelry, and while diamond drop earrings on the red carpet aren’t newsworthy, these get a mention for sheer size and beauty. 42 carats people, 42.


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