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Famous Celebrity Jewelry Lovers

Famous Celebrity Jewelry Lovers

Glamour and glitz have always been a part of the Hollywood lifestyle, but some women have embraced it more than others. It got us to wondering about who are the female celebrities most closely associated with diamonds and jewelry. What follows is our list of famous celebrity jewelry lovers.

10. Nicole Kidman – Nicole loves jewelry, and has a particular affection for vintage gems. She wore a 19th century necklace to the 2011 Oscars. Maybe she was inspired after singing “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” in the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge.

9. Paris Hilton – She has it and she flaunts it. She was robbed of some $2 million dollars worth of jewelry in 2008, but much of it was recovered by the Los Angeles Police. Makes you wonder what the thieves didn’t get. Paris has her own line of jewelry and cosmetics. She was also sued by Allianz for allegedly pulling a Lindsay Lohan and not returning borrowed jewels.

8.Kate Hudson – She has style and grace and has developed her own line of jewelry called Chrome Hearts CH + KH. She is never seen without being a glimmering example of glamour. She’s also a huge fan of fine jewelry, decking herself out at the Tiffany Blue Book balls.

7. Madonna – The “Material Girl” has never been shy about wearing jewelry. Her perfect role may have been as Wallis Simpson, who King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry. Check out the film “W.E.” to see Madonna sporting some amazing pieces.

6. Beyonce – The singer rarely wears anything understated, including jewelry. She wore $10 million in jewelry to a recent appearance at the Grammy’s . The gal who sings “Put a Ring on It” takes the lyrics seriously.

5. Ivanka Trump – Sure she had a head start, but the daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump has become a successful businesswoman in her own right. She has her own jewelry line, and is never seen in public without a generous amount of glitter.

4. Angelina Jolie – Angelina’s jewelry always shines on the red carpet. What makes her special is she has teamed with jeweler Robert Procop in developing a line of necklaces, rings and bracelets with the proceeds benefitting children who are victims of conflicts and natural disasters. Now that’s a star!

3. Kim Kardashian – Kim has a particular penchant towards diamonds, and is not so quietly building quite the collection of valuable gems. With a new app bearing her name expected to bring her an additional $200 million, she will have the resources to add more.

2. Mariah Carey – Mariah’s love for jewelry is noted by the fact that she has her own jewelry line. Everyone remembers how Nick Cannon punctuated Mariah’s love for jewelry with the eye popping engagement ring he gave her. But even Cannon doesn’t give her jewelry anymore. He told People magazine the reason is simple “She has all the jewelry in the world.”

1. Elizabeth Taylor – Liz has to top anyone’s list when it comes to jewelry. She was just 5’3″ tall but she had a big appetite for the baubles. A 2011 Christie’s auction of some of her private jewelry brought in a whopping $116 million. Notable items included a necklace gifted her by Richard Burton that brought in $11.8 million, a 33 carat diamond ring that fetched $8.8 million, and a diamond and sapphire ring she received from buddy Michael Jackson that sold for $600,000.


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