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Rolex Alternatives for Luxury Watches for Men

Rolex Alternatives for Luxury Watches for Men

When people think of luxury watches for men, names Rolex and Gucci come up immediately. However, there are plenty of other choices out there that command healthy price levels with very high quality and sought after looks. After all, a good wristwatch is more than just function; it is the one item that a man can wear as jewelry that evokes not just is looks but his perceived success as well. Just like shoes, the watch can get a man noticed as well by simply being seen.


Hublot black and gold

An interesting newer brand that is very much on the higher end of the luxury scale, these watches are starting to hit the same price range as an economy car. They come with a very modern active design that has a distinctive bezel frame. Hublot watches are available in both dark and white backgrounds, but when one looks closer the detailed pattern quality appears and become visible, showing why these watches tend to stand out versus their peers in appearance. Alternatively, some of their models are clearview, showing the inner workings of the watch’s engine as it ticks, operating a bit like a moving x-ray of a watch system.


Omega constellation two tone

A bit dated, the Omega handwatch was a standard high-end wristwatch for men in the 1960s. For those who want a vintage look or to reminisce about their favorite James Bond films with Sean Connery, this make be the watch to have.


Breitling for Bentley A25362 Special Edition Stainless Steel Watch

Dubbed the pilot master’s watch, Breitling watches are a favorite of both ship and plane pilots and captains. They often come with three dials on the unit including the standard timepiece, a chronometer, and a depth reader. Waterproofing is standard, and some models even include a mini compass feature, depending on the model. Built for function first and luxury second, Breitling watches are for serious wristwatch collectors who expect their timepiece to serve multiple purposes and still look classy.


Montblanc Flyback

Produced by the same company that makes fine pens and writing instruments, the Montblanc watch evokes an earlier time with a handcrafted leather wristband, high quality crystal lens and simple but elegant time graphics. Their watches are often chosen by men who want a timepiece that signals maturity and growth from the younger metal band stage of watch-wearing.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Monaco

This line of sport watches evokes the standard most younger men think of in a classy high-end time piece that has all the right features of diving depth, look, color, metal, and sturdiness. Tag Heuer watches often come with the black or trade name blue background with silver or gold highlights and almost always have a metal link wristband. A few come with a leather band, but the brand is primarily marketed on the metal side. However, white background models are even more expensive due to being rarer and in lower production. These watches in general make for a standard piece in any luxury watch collection and they often represent a man’s first luxury watch at a younger age.

Other Names

There are handful of other brands that exist and even out-class some of the above, but these list provided are definitely watches that every one will agree are in the luxury scale and desired for both design and quality as well as reputable function. Clearly, Rolex is not the only name in the house to consider for a fine men’s sport watch.


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