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Spotlight On: July Birthstone Ruby

Spotlight On: July Birthstone Ruby

Rubies have long been a sign of power, passion, lust, and romance. These blood red stones have been used to signify blood in significant art pieces, have been used as a symbol of intense love and devotion, and have even been the cause of wars. These stones signify a lot, but they are also the birthstone of July.

18K White Gold Gemstone and Diamond "Tutti Frutti" Earrings

For a time the ruby was known as the king of gems because of its intense red color and high valuation. This stone was also a representation of the sun in ancient times and was known to represent integrity, devotion, generosity, healing, inspiration, romance, and happiness. This stone was thought to heal blood disease, bring peace, help treat common ailments, and even stop bleeding. This stone has always been a favorite of royalty.

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Part of the reason that this stone is so highly valued is that it is one of the rarest naturally occurring gemstones. Though there are plenty of rubies out there, many are so small they cannot be used alone as jewelry. The average size is much less than that of other gemstones making finding large stones nearly impossible. Rubies have tons of different uses including jewelry, wristwatches, laser cores, and even styluses in turntables. This stone is incredibly versatile and durable making it not only desirable for its rarity and color but also for its multifunctionality.

Tiffany & Co Jean Schlumberger

Ruby has long been a symbol of the month of July and is absolutely stunning when set on its own. There are tons of great was to wear a ruby and many of them include simple settings. When set with diamonds or other clear tone stones they shine and are absolutely radiant. When set alone they can be deep and rich in color and are absolutely stunning. When set with emeralds they can mimic Christmas, when set with deep purples and blues they seem much deeper and darker. This is a highly versatile stone when it comes to setting it with other gems as it works well with other colors and on its own.

18k Yellow Gold Diamond Princess Cut Ruby Bangle Bracelet

This stone is also beautiful in its natural derivation with black veining that is common. This stone is exceptionally beautiful when set alone to showcase the true beauty of the ruby. This stone, unlike many stones, also looks wonderful when in its natural form. Natural rubies are somewhat harder to come by but for those looking to cut costs, choosing a stone with some black veining can help bring price down without ruining overall beauty. This is a wonderful stone for both birthday gifts and for engagement rings.

Because the ruby denotes romance and love, it is perfect for the center stone in a beautiful engagement ring. These stones also look great when cut into the shape of a heart. These stones are surely stunners when they are the center of a jewelry piece and they can also stand up to sharing their setting with other stones. Overall the ruby is a great versatile stone that will serve any purpose you intend. Rather than choose something boring like a diamond, opt for a ruby instead to stun and amaze anyone you are giving a gift to.


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