Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Henri Daussi Engagement Rings – What Makes Them Different?

Henri Daussi engagement rings are one of the fastest growing designer bridal lines. It seems like everywhere we look now, we see more brides-to-be pining and pinning over Henri Daussi rings! In fact, that’s how our love story with Henri Daussi began – like all the best modern love stories start, we met on Instagram 😉

Now that we’ve made things official, we’re proud to be one of Henri Daussi’s official retail partners, and the Daussi section of our showcases remains one of our faves. Their gorgeous rings are unlike any of our other designers’ and their styles are totally unique. When we show off our stunning Henri Daussi engagement rings, we always hear how different they are (in the very best way.) They’re downright, stop-you-mid-newsfeed-scroll, positively striking.

What makes Daussi rings so unique? First, their craftsmanship. They shout luxury as well as they gently whisper it. The rings are both bold and elegant, with incredible attention to detail and nothing but the best materials. Next, the designs themselves stand out. Daussi has a knack for taking the most popular engagement ring styles (soft square halo, anyone?) and putting their own special twist on them.

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But how do they do the twist? With diamonds unlike any other! Henri Daussi began as a diamond cutting company – in fact, the company is named for famed diamond cutter Henri Daussi Loots. It’s been handed down for generations through the Loots family, and the founder’s famous diamonds were in such high demand that it only made sense to start designing rings around those magnificent Daussi diamonds – namely the cushion cut.

Daussi cushion cut diamonds use a trade secret formula to maximize the bling in any rock they touch. With huge tables, larger facets and fearlessly playful proportions, Daussi cushion cuts look 30% larger than traditional cushion cuts. They look more like rose cut diamonds than modern cushion cuts, but they’re a look all their own. So when the focal point of your ring is so unique, it only makes sense for the setting to stand out too!

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That being said, Henri Daussi also happily accommodates any shape diamond you choose, whether it’s a Daussi diamond or your own. This is important for a few reasons, and pays homage to the brand’s family tradition.

Because Henri Daussi traces its history back to the founder through generations of the same family, it’s pretty obvious that heritage owns the top spot in Daussi family values. So when a bride or groom with a cherished family diamond starts looking to design an engagement ring around it, they’re a perfect fit. Every Henri Daussi engagement ring is designed around the center diamond – no two are alike. So HD will handcraft the perfect setting for your family heirloom using high quality gold alloys or platinum, along with magnificent Daussi accent diamonds.

Maybe you didn’t inherit your diamond, but you did decide that buying stone and setting separately worked best for your budget. Again, Henri Daussi steps in to design your dream setting around the diamond of your choice – whether you purchased the rock through HD (or our online diamond database!) or you bought it elsewhere online.

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All this means that Henri Daussi engagement rings are one of a kind as soon as you set your heart on one. They’re handcrafted with the center diamond in mind – which is why so many of our Henri Daussi settings come already “fully loaded” with center stones perfectly matched to the setting. And because the diamonds themselves each have such distinct personalities, the exact same setting looks totally different depending on the center diamond you choose. Light fancy yellow diamonds with rose gold? HD has you covered. Fat cushion cuts with nearly horizontal length x width ratios? Done. Gorgeously tall and thin cushions that can go toe-to-toe with an emerald cut? You got it!

When you’re looking for a ring unlike any other, Henri Daussi just may be the designer for you. Check out our selection and see if there’s something you love, or anything that inspires you!

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