Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Best Henri Daussi Engagement Rings of February

February is almost over – how? We don’t know. But we have a ton of exciting things planned for spring (make sure you like both DBRL & RLJ on Facebook to stay up to date!) And while the flowers here in gorgeous Boca Raton never stop blooming, there’s something about spring that always feels extra romantic to us. And nothing says romance like Henri Daussi engagement rings!

These beautiful rings feature settings that totally cater to your center diamond. No matter the size of your center diamond, Henri Daussi engagement rings make it look BIG and BEAUTIFUL! And their use of the best materials that strike the perfect balance between beauty and budget make every ring jaw-droppingly affordable. Seriously – check out this selection that are all under $5000!

So yes, we’re obsessed with Henri Daussi engagement rings (along with all of our other designers!) They never cease to amaze us. We even gave you ten reasons why we love them (and ten super important things you need to know about them) but the most important is this:

Henri Daussi engagement rings are all about the diamond. While some settings are works of art in and of themselves (well, ok, they all are) Henri’s are subtle backdrops that serve the sole purpose of making your center diamond look incredible. The way these master artisans build their rings gives every center stone, even those that might be looked over for more conventional settings, a new life.

It’s no surprise, because the brand was founded by one of the best diamond cutters in the world. Henri Daussi Loots combined artisanal skill with cutting edge technology –literally. He designed a cutting wheel that enabled him to carve facets that previously couldn’t exist. He became famous for the most beautiful heart shaped diamonds on earth. And to this day, Henri Daussi engagement rings emphasize beautiful center stones, especially cushion cut diamonds.

But enough chit chat, allow us to show you a few of our favorite Henri Daussi engagement rings from the month of February!

Wanna see even more Henri Daussi engagement rings? Shop our entire selection online!

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