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Top 10 Engagement Ring Designs by Henri Daussi

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We’re here to love on one of our favorite designers. Our top 10 engagement ring designs by Henri Daussi radiate luxury. This gorgeous design house got its start in diamond cutting.

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With a founder who pioneered better diamond cutting (which produced more brilliant diamonds!) Henri Daussi Loots’ namesake company passes down trade secrets like family traditions. For them, they’re one and the same – brothers Kristian and Jeff Loots run the company now.

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So with a legacy of diamonds, it’s no surprise that Henri Daussi rings place all the emphasis on the diamonds. Daussi diamonds even have a charm all their own. HD cushion cuts actually look up to 30% larger than traditional modern cushion cuts. This diamond shape is the brand’s specialty, big time.

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And they’re a huge hit with our Instagram followers and Pinners alike. With modern fashionistas like Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing and Emily Maynard Johnson of Bachelorette fame rocking HD rings, Daussi’s profile keeps rising higher and higher.

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We feel the obsession too, especially with our insider knowledge about just how special Henri Daussi makes these rings. Every setting puts the diamond first, with expert jewelers crafting the ring around the center diamond. Each HD ring is unique to the perfect center diamond, which you can choose from their (amazing) selection, or have them set your own stone. This is great for couples with a family heirloom diamond, or even grooms who bought a diamond online.

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So HD rings provide modern glamour, plenty of options, and above all else a major emphasis on the diamond. What’s not to love? Our top 10 engagement ring designs by Henri Daussi will fully support your ring crush.


Our top 10 engagement ring designs by Henri Daussi would be incomplete without this three stone halo cushion diamond engagement ring! The center diamond is a 0.70ct cushion cut diamond, D in color and V-VS2 in clarity. The accent halo and diamonds on the shanks are 1.07ctw of D color, V-VS2 clarity round brilliants.


This gorgeous soft square halo features a .51 carat cushion cut with a J color grade and a VS2 clarity grade. The generous accent diamonds add 0.75ctw, I in color SI1 in clarity to the 18kt white gold setting.


This elongated cushion cut halo stretches the length to width ratio for a unique look. The center diamond is a .42ctw cushion cut with an H color and SI2 clarity grade. The accent diamonds on the curved halo and split shank setting add .70ctw of round brilliants I in color and SI1 in clarity to the ring’s total.


This gorgeous ring features a 0.83ct cushion cut diamond with an, I in color and SI1 in clarity. The ring itself is made of 18kt white gold along with an additional .42 carats total of round brilliant accent diamonds H in color and VS in clarity.


The fabulous two-tone ring on the index finger features rose gold and pink diamonds for a spectacular double halo. The center diamond is a .55ct cushion cut with a G color and SI2 clarity grade, while the accent diamonds add0.92ctw of I in color and SI1 in clarity, plus another .55ctw for the pink diamonds!


This triple shank halo adds a third band to the expected to shake things up. And the beautiful .91ct cushion cut center stone is the perfect anchor, with an I color and SI2 clarity. The accent diamonds are .55ctw of the same color and clarity set in 18kt white gold.


This stunner centers around a GIA certified 1.30ct cushion cut diamond, N in color and SI1 in clarity. The graduated diamond shanks and radiant shaped halo feature 1.12ct pave diamonds I in color and SI1 in clarity.


Our top 10 engagement ring designs by Henri Daussi absolutely include this rose gold halo. The center diamond is a 1.13ct cushion cut diamond, L in color and VS2 in clarity, and the 0.33ct accent diamonds are I in color and SI1 in clarity.


This twisted shank halo is perfection, with a 0.45ct cushion cut diamond D in color and SI2 in clarity at its center. The 0.77ct pave diamond accents are I in color and SI in clarity.


Finally, this 3.01ct cushion cut diamond, G in color and VS2 in clarity shines brilliantly in this sculpted halo. The accent diamonds add another 1.82ctw of G, VS2 diamonds to the 18kt gold setting!

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