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Earring Trends: Gold Fan Earrings

We’re getting angular today with one of the hottest spring earring trends: triangles. Triangle earrings, or fan earrings, give any outfit instant edge. Regardless if they’re white gold earrings, yellow gold with diamond, or feature vintage details like enamel, any triangular earrings have been catching our eyes lately. And yes, everything old does become new…
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Ancient Gold Greek Wreath Discovered in Subway Dig

For most workers employed to dig tunnels around the world, the work day is fairly dull and predictable. This made the discovery of a tomb and the gold wreath within all the more exciting for Greek workers in early February. The team excavating and mining out a tunnel to expand the subway system in Thessloniki…
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Piecing Together the Perfect Arm Party

Piecing Together the Perfect Arm Party Last month, I introduced the concept of needing an Arm Party in the post Party Jewelry You’ll Need Going Into the New Year. While I introduced the concept, lets expound by looking at a few amazing pieces from the Raymond Lee Jeweler’s Showroom that would work well at creating…
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Inauguration Day with the Rolex Presidential

Inauguration Day with the Rolex Presidential Today is the second inauguration of President Obama, and the fanfare in Washington has us humming “Hail to the Chief.” It also has us admiring our excellent selection of authentic pre owned Rolex Presidential watches. The Rolex Presidential, also known as the Rolex President, refers to a specific type…
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Spotlight on: The British Crown Jewels

Spotlight on: The British Crown Jewels Well, Kate certainly scored big when she became the wife to Prince William. I mean, a girl loves diamonds, but jeez Louise, what a girl would do to wear the gorgeous pieces that belong to the collection of the British Crown Jewels! To see the collection in person, take…
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Tuesday Shoesday: Color of the Year 2013

Pantone announced the Color of the Year 2013 not too long ago, and ever since we’ve been seeing green. Emerald, the 2013 color of the year, is refreshing, rich, sharp and clear. It energizes us, lends serenity, and has us drooling (more than usual) over the emerald case in our Boca Raton showroom. And today’s…
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Estate Jewelry Boca Raton

A quick peek inside our cases filled with the best estate jewelry Boca Raton has to offer. These are just the yellow gold and diamond cases, which feature all of our yellow gold fine jewelry pieces set with a variety of gemstones, but primarily gold with diamonds. Gold chains, gold necklaces, yellow gold diamond studs…
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Jewelry Shopping Tips

Some people have the knack for jewelry shopping—and some just don’t! While shopping for jewelry is generally a very personal gift, it can be done. It doesn’t have to be daunting, as some of these tips will help you through the process of finding awesome jewelry for a loved one! Diamonds may be a girl’s…
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Infographic: Investing in Silver

Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we follow the price of gold closely. We buy gold and advise our customers who want to sell gold in our Boca Raton showroom to keep an eye on the gold prices from Kitco. Gold, however, is just one precious metal on the trading, buying and selling market. There’s also…
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Thirsty Thursday: Champagne Cocktails

We just had a major realization: today’s happy hour is the last Thirsty Thursday of 2012! And while visions of sequined dresses and bedazzled Jimmy Choos dance in our heads, it’s champagne wishes and champagne cocktails that have us most captivated. A sparkling glass of fizzy goodness, compliments of Martha, pairs pretty darn fabulously with…
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End of the World Jewels

It’s early evening here in our little slice of paradise, and so far so good. The end of the world still has several hours to come to fruition though, so we aren’t taking any chances. Here in the showroom we’ve sampled all the lovely goodies our wonderful customers have sent like there’s no tomorrow! We…
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Officina Bernardi Jewelry

Officina Bernardi produces high quality, contemporary jewelry. The company utilizes a patented process using sterling silver diamond-cut chains to produce the gorgeous jewelry, utilizing advanced engineering technologies. Even though Officina Bernardi Jewelry is made of Sterling Silver, it’s incredibly inexpensive compared to other high-end jewelry companies. The designer is projecting an impression of diamonds without actually utilizing…
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Gift Guide No. 4: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Golden Girl

The holiday season brings out the sparkle in all of us, and some girls are born with glitter in their veins. When her favorite luxury goods doused in glitter and gilded to the hilt, you can’t go wrong. From sparkling Cartier Love bangles, to glittery Gucci, a perfume that will make her twirl, and a…
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Thracian Gold Discovered in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, already a hotbed for artifacts and fascinating historical treasures, has once again provided valuable insight for the modern world about past civilizations. Recently, a variety of gold treasures were discovered near Thracian tombs in the northern portion of the country. Who were the Thracians? The Thracians were a people who once ruled throughout Bulgaria…
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Highlight: Roberto Coin Jewelry

Roberto Coin is a luxury brand of watches and jewelry based out of Vicenza, Italy. While the company was established by it’s namesake in 1977, the purpose was to create divine pieces of jewelry for other internationally known jewelry brands. The company wasn’t introduced to the public until 1996 when Roberto Coin began producing luxury…
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