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Piecing Together the Perfect Arm Party

Piecing Together the Perfect Arm Party

Piecing Together the Perfect Arm Party

Last month, I introduced the concept of needing an Arm Party in the post Party Jewelry You’ll Need Going Into the New Year. While I introduced the concept, lets expound by looking at a few amazing pieces from the Raymond Lee Jeweler’s Showroom that would work well at creating a perfect arm party.

To start off your arm party, you need something over-the-top and eye catching! Try this 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ribbed Cuff Bracelet!

Arp Party 1

Surround something eye-catching of this caliber with some fun and fancy bangles like these 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold Bangles.

Arm Party 2

Now that we’ve introduced the presence of white, yellow, and rose gold, we’re able to bring on some interesting colors, gemstones, and textures to the party. Perhaps this Officinia Bernardi Sterling Silver 5 row Laser Cut Bead Bangle!

Arm Party 3

Finishing the Arm Party off, you could certainly introduce a pop of color with this Ruby and Diamond Bangle Bracelet.

arm party 4

Arm parties are meant to be fun, interesting–and even messy. This chic fashion statement will typically be arranged like this, below, and really draws a lot of attention to your wrists. Best worn with neutral outfits, an arm party is a fantastic fashion statement for today and tomorrow!


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