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Officina Bernardi Jewelry

Officina Bernardi Jewelry

Officina Bernardi produces high quality, contemporary jewelry. The company utilizes a patented process using sterling silver diamond-cut chains to produce the gorgeous jewelry, utilizing advanced engineering technologies.

Even though Officina Bernardi Jewelry is made of Sterling Silver, it’s incredibly inexpensive compared to other high-end jewelry companies. The designer is projecting an impression of diamonds without actually utilizing diamonds. Take a look at some of the Officina Bernardi Jewelry available at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

 These tri-tone hoop earrings are made of yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver–and they’re completely gorgeous. Only $135, too!

Utilizing their patented technology, this Officina Bernardi Laser Cut Sterling Silver Anklet is stunning.

This Officina Bernardi 4 Row beaded bracelet ties in perfectly with your winter fashion & attire!

This Officina Bernardi Sterling Silver and Black Rhodium Necklace showcases the versatility of the designer using mediums outside of the traditional sterling silver platform.


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