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Our Favorite Etsy Wedding Finds

Our Favorite Etsy Wedding Finds

Etsy is one of our favorite wedding resources, and it’s no surprise. As a small family business ourselves, we love to support other small businesses and the individual artists who create gorgeous wedding goods on Etsy. Etsy wedding accessories and art are such a fantastic way to personalize your wedding. They’re also ideal for those couples who love the DIY look but might not have the time nor inclination to actually do the I-Y. Enter a talented Etsy vendor who not only enjoys painting hundreds of Ball mason jars – she’s good at it. Really good. And there’s no shortage of talented makers on Etsy. You could plan your entire wedding using tools and goods from Etsy. And you can certainly spend your entire afternoon scrolling through the pages of awesome wedding goodies. Luckily, you don’t have to. We’re celebrating this Wedding Wednesday by sharing some of our favorite Etsy Wedding Finds for all of our RLJ couples getting ready to tie the knot!

We’re suckers for a great cake topper, and this rustic and personalized option is so sweet. Long distance love reigns with home states of both the bride & groom. Or if the happy couple is from the same home town, use one state to represent both, and the other to engrave the wedding date.

Ohh mason jars, why can’t we quit you?

The trusted standby of rustic, barn weddings and shabby chic receptions for years, mason jars aren’t going anywhere any time soon. And for those looking for an organic, gathered floral look (and one that’s considerably easier to DIY than large arrangements) mason jars are the vessel of choice. But when you (or more specifically, The Shabby Chic Wedding) adds your wedding colors to the jars? Magic happens. She hand paints each jar – on the outside, so your flowers aren’t poisoned – then hand distresses them for that vintage, worn look.

When it comes to favors, Etsy has no shortage of fantastic options for your guests. If you’re doing a candy buffet, custom glassine bags galore call your name. If you’ love candles, you can have those made too. Ditto soaps, sweets, and the other usual roster of wedding favors. But Etsy also features favors your guests might not have seen before, or at least in a  long while. Matchbooks are fun collectors items that most people don’t see too often anymore. Play it up with a  sweet pun, and hey – package it with your favorite candle too for a combo they won’t forget.

This hand illustrated and lettered map doubles – nay triples – as part of your invitation suite, a keepsake of your wedding day, and art for your new marital home. We love that you can include special locations of your love story to share with guests, and/or the venue you’ve chosen and the best places for them to see & dine while attending your wedding.

Another fabulous place to incorporate Etsy artists’ signage is at your actual wedding. Maybe it features a couple’s favorite quote, or tells guests what they really want to know: what’s on the menu.

Of course, for many pet lovers the big day is incomplete without Fido. Etsy has you covered there too.  Duke ‘n’ Daisy Designs creates sweet bow ties for your tail wagger, in custom palettes to match your wedding.


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