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Five MORE Fabulous Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Five MORE Fabulous Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Fun Fact: Do you know that one of our most popular posts of all time is 5 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids? Well now you do! And seeing as it’s been inspiring brides-to-be for nearly two years, we figured it’s time to share some more girly, glamorous goodness with the newly engaged! Since we wrote that post, we’ve seen so many more wonderful celebrations of friendship, family and bridal bliss that revolve around asking your girls that very important question. It’s become more than a simple request, today’s brides are finding ways to surprise and delight their future bridesmaids with proposals every bit as special as their own. And we are so on board with that!

You can literally POP the question with these sweet cards from BHLDN. At $14 a pop (sorry, had to) they’re not too expensive, although we suspect you could DIY this fairly easily. Write a heartfelt not to each lady on the inside of the card and let the celebration begin!

Another take on the bridesmaid box proposal is this accordion folded card. Inside, you can enclose a sweet note, poem, or message and other goodies. Why not share the inspiration you’ve been hoarding on your secret pin boards?

Ways to ask bridesmaids: you have your ring, give them one!

This sweet ruby, diamond and gold cocktail ring is only $185

Now that you’ve got your ring, why not surprise your ladies with one of their own? The ring pop idea is still adorable, but if you have the budget – or the time to shop around – why not surprise your girls with vintage cocktail rings totally suited to their individual personalities? This idea is best suited to smaller bridal parties to keep costs down, but you could even go the costume route with sweet rings from Bauble Bar or Etsy. Just make sure you give them rings they’ll love and wear, not necessarily those that perfectly match your wedding. Treat every gift you give your bridesmaids like a birthday or holiday present, so she’ll cherish it long after you say I do.

What’s the opposite of a shotgun wedding? Asking your girls to ride shotgun with you all the way to the altar! This pink pickup truck themed bridesmaid ask picnic is so sweet. The bride ran with a super feminine girly palette, fun prints and favors, and asked her gorgeous bridesmaids to travel with her down this important road!

Of course, sometimes you just know. Your groom probably had a hunch you’d say yes to that sparkly new rock and his sweet proposal – just like you know your best friend has the celebratory champagne on standby. It’s not like she had a choice anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰


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