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Wedding Wednesday: Glamping Bridal Shower

Wedding Wednesday: Glamping Bridal Shower

Who’s ready to go glamping? We are! Once a bride to be has slipped that sparkly, shiny new engagement ring on her finger, all thoughts quickly turn to celebrating this happy time in her life. And the engagement party is just the beginning – whenever we add a new RLJ bride to the family, visions of bridal shower themes immediately start dancing in our heads. And with summer upon us (along with wedding season, and therefor engagement season) there couldn’t be a more perfect theme than a glamping bridal shower. What is glamping? Imagine all the very best parts of camping – s’mores, fireside chats, an ice cold beer, cute but comfy clothes – without the worst. So no bugs, no sleeping on the ground, and indoor plumbing all around. Plus the added benefit of GLAM! So the s’mores get upgraded, the fireside might well revolve around a fabulous glass fire pit, your beer would be craft (or sangria if you’re so inclined). Your comfy attire would get a dash of Bohemian flair, and glitter abounds on these campgrounds. The glamping shower is perfect for the bride who loves all things tribal, is very into adding feathers to any ensemble, and truly appreciates being one with nature. Especially when that nature is extra beautiful and has the added option of central a/c at all times. It’s a fabulous bridal shower theme and we think you’ll agree.

The Decor

First of all, you’re going glamping. You need a tent. Even if you don’t all sit in it, it’s the perfect photo booth. Skip the trip to Bass Pro Shops and make a much, much prettier tent instead (it’s not like you’ll be sleeping in it.) Select fabric that coordinates with the bride’s style – is she hippie-chic? Get a Free People inspired floral. Is she all about Kate Spade? Stripes are the way to go.

You can either rent the tent and drape your chosen pattern (or, more economically use your fabric to accent.) The alternative is building your own DIY tent or teepee and adding gorgeous fresh flowers and succulents.

This theme really lends itself to DIY and budget bridal shower decor – think mismatched, but coordinated blankets and throw pillow scattered haphazardly – all found at Goodwill (and laundered thoroughly). Think palettes transformed into low to the ground coffee tables for grouped conversations. Think sliced wood as chargers or bases for floral arrangements (should budget allow for flowers). And even if it’s a tiny floral budget, you can score grocery store daisies in pastel colors and group them in tin cans for a perfectly on-theme and perfectly gorgeous touch.

The Paper Goods

The paper goods are the perfect place to blend glampings two greatest elements: luxury and rustic. So think foiled script on burlap print. Or Calligraphy on parchment stock. Use colors found in nature, then add a dash of glitter to keep it super girly. You can also have a ton of fun with arrows, the couple’s initials carved into faux wood grain, and other whimsical nature inspired elements.


Ok one of the best reasons to throw a glamping shower is the food! We’re fairly certain science demonstrates 90% of brides on pinterest want this s’mores bar at their wedding:

Somewhere along the line, caterer’s quotes, the fear of an open bar in combination with sterno, or the idea of melted chocolate on a wedding dress dash these hopes and dreams. But listen, wonderful bridesmaids, the s’mores bar is perfect for the glamping shower! A smaller guest list, a more lenient food policy, and the sheer will of best friends all combine to make this the perfect place to do it. So do it.

Additionally, really kick up the “glam” factor of glamping with your food and dessert table. Use it to display the edibles in a  gorgeous way – more tin cans, more mason jars, more edible glitter. Serve campfire favorites like hot dogs, sliders, and other fire roasted meats (so, um, anything on a stick.)

The Favors

We think a combo would be ideal – a takeaway s’mores flavor and a little basket full of the bare necessities (minus the finger toothbrushes. Although those would be FAB for a glamping bachelorette!)

Easy peasy – this theme lends itself gorgeously to the backyard bridal shower, throw on a steady Kings of Leon soundtrack, invite your guests to break out their most glamorous maxi dresses, and shower the bride to be in glamping fun. Check out more Glamping inspiration on Pinterest!


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