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Forget Mood Rings: Meet the Ringly

Forget Mood Rings: Meet the Ringly

If you thought mood rings were the next 90’s fashion trend to make a resurgence, you’re wrong. While we do enjoy the look of “happy” we’re just as content wearing an aquamarine or sapphire ring to convey the same sense of joy. No, the hottest ring trend of 2014 is apparently much more futuristic than disposition detectors – meet the text ring.

The next big thing in wearable tech, this cocktail ring by Ringly could solve two problems. One, the general hideousness of wearable tech (sorry Fuelband) and two, the sticky phone epidemic sweeping the nation. You know, when your dinner companion’s phone is unfortunately glued to their hand for the duration of your meal. Rather than being slaves to their phones, Ringly wearers can rely on their bling to let them know the essentials. The ring will glow, blink, and/or vibrate to let its wearer know when they’ve got an incoming phone call, text, Facebook notification, Snapchat, Tweet or reblog, and its iOS app syncs with several other apps. So your existing accounts, iCal, reminders, Tinder, etc. etc. can all be fed through Ringly’s app straight to your new bauble.

While on its face it seems like another step in 24/7 constant connection, in actuality it allows you to screen your notifications. Set your phone to silent, and enjoy dinner with your husband without constantly checking to see if the sitter’s called. You can program your Ringly to blink for her. Waiting for an important e-mail from a client, but don’t want to constantly (rudely) check your phone during a presentation? Set your Ringly to vibrate for that notification. It can also let you know when your next appointment is approaching, when your watched auction on eBay is ending, or – possibly the best feature – when you’re about to leave your phone behind.

With all of these excellent tech features, how much will you need to sacrifice aesthetics? Not at all. The Ringly is actually very chic, and very on trend with the jewelry trend towards more raw, organic material. The ring is a cocktail sized rectangle that comes in four color ways, black onyx, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone and rough emerald all with a large checkerboard cut and a warm yellow gold bezel setting.

According to the site,  “Ringly’s Fall ring collection is crafted with 18K matte gold 3 micron plating using precious and semi-precious stones.” And the first 1,000 pre-orders will be set with a small diamond on the side. With prices ranging from $145 – $180 the rings are priced to move and make an excellent gift for your favorite app-addicted friend who doubles as a fashionista. The Ringly will blend in with her jewelry collection in a way that her phone never quite did blend in with the tablecloth at your favorite brunch spot. 


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